Should Parents Teach Their Children to Choose Their Friends?

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Your children's friends are part of their life so it is important that you know them too.

Children are very sensitive when it comes to friends. Your child could tell you, “I prefer to be with my friends than live in this house,” if you are not careful when dealing with friend issues. Young people think that they cannot live without their friends and cannot be happy without their friends. That is why they always stick to their friends no matter what happens. If you give negative comments about their friends, this may start differences with your children.

Dealing with issues regarding your children’s friends is very important since this is one big issue that affects your children’s life. It is a known fact that your children’s friends have great influence in their life. As the old saying goes, “Tell me your friends and I’ll tell who you are.”

Your children’s friends could influence them positively or negatively. It is therefore very important for you to know your children’s friends. But it is not that easy since meddling in your child’s life may cause rifts and differences that will lead to family problems. b

There are many instances where parents and children become strangers to each other because of issues about friends. The children often blame their parents if they suddenly lose their friends. Friends are very important to kids and the more friends they have the happier they become. The problem comes when the friends your children have are the wrong friends around. It may sound mean for parents to choose their children’s friends but there is an advantage of interfering where friends are concerned.

What then should parents do in order to teach their children to choose their friends.

Know your children’s friend

It is unfair to judge your children’s friend or friends if you do not know them well. You should find time to know your children’s friends better so that you will know what to do.

Teach your children good values early on

Teaching your children good values early on will help your children to be better persons. This will help your children know how to choose their friends well.

Learn to Socialize with your Children’s friends

You don’t need to meddle into your children’s affairs but socializing with their friends will be very beneficial. If there are occasions where you can join them, go ahead. This will not only make you know your children’s friends but it will strengthen the bond between you, your kids and their friends. The closer you become to your kid’s friends, the better because the respect will sprout which will prevent them from doing something wrong and involving your kids.

Teach your children to go with the right people

If you teach your kids to go with the right people, then they know what to do. They will avoid bad company and at the same time avoid bad vices.

Teach your kids what life is all about

You don’t need to act like a disciplinarian to your kids and restrict them from all the fun that they should enjoy but you need to teach them what life is all about. Kids of the modern age are far different than kids of yesterday so there are so many factors that you should consider. The important thing is that you are at least concerned and you mind the proper upbringing of your kids.

Know when to interfere

As a parent you should know when to interfere with your kids’ affairs. If you feel that your kids are going with the wrong friends then you have to do something. You have to talk to your children about it and explain why you are doing it.

Be a friend to your children and be part of their life

Being a friend to your kids mean you have to know them well and be part of their life. If your bonding with your kids is good then there is no reason for them to hide something from you. Being friends means they will tell you what they are doing and what they are up to which will avoid any conflicts and misunderstanding in the future. The closer you are to your kids, the more they will be comfortable in telling you their problems. It is better if you discuss things with your kids including their friends.

Your children’s friends are part of their life so it is important that you know them too.


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