Shari's Berries vs Edible Arrangements vs Fannie May: Variety, Price & Shipping Compared

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Shari’s berries works well for those looking for a well-reviewed site since they have the Google Trusted Status and 4.4 stars out of 5. If you’re in a hurry and you don’t live in the middle of nowhere, Edible Arrangements is a good choice since they

The Internet is making it so that you can get unique gift basket creations from anywhere in the world. Here are a few different ones for you to look over and compare.

Shari’s Berries

Shari’s Berries focuses on fruit covered in different things like chocolate. They also have other types of candies and desserts as well, however. The site gets good ratings from Google with 4.4 stars, and Bizrate with 4 stars and 40,000 reviews.


  • Google Trusted Status-Shari’s Berries has the Google Trusted status, which means that Google back them up as a legitimate company with $1000 of purchase protection and mitigation help if necessary. You can view the customer reviews directly by clicking on Google link in the bottom right corner and hitting “View details.” The current rating is 4.4 out of 30,000 reviews.
  • Frequent Coupon Code Deals-The main site often has deals such as 20% off if you use the coupon code listed at the top of the site when you check out.
  • Radio and TV Codes-If you look around, you can also often find codes on Radio or TV about the site, and then you can click on the “Hear About Us on Radio or TV” link in the top right corner of the site to get additional deals.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee-The site guarantees that your order will be fresh and on time according to the materials there.

Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements makes a big deal about not charging for rush deliveries. You do have to pay extra for getting anything hand-delivered though, but it is convenient as long as there’s a store within range for you. The site puts a lot of effort into making everything look nice in complicated patterns.


  • Same-day Pickup-You can schedule a gift basket pickup for the same day that you order it, assuming that there’s a store within your reach. If you want it hand-delivered, this is extra. The price isn’t because of the rush delivery though.
  • Easy Online Ordering-The setup for the online site is easy to navigate since they outline the steps for you clearly. The first step is entering your zip code after you’ve chosen a basket. Then you choose local pickup or hand-deliver, and then you choose what store you want nearby. They even list the hours for the stores to make it easy.
  • Refrigerated Vans-If you decide to get a basket delivered by hand, the vans used to send them are refrigerated so you can be sure that they will stay fresh when they arrive.

Fannie May Candies

Fannie May has been around since 1920, so they are celebrating 95 years of being in business.


  • Celebrations Passport Free Shipping Membership-You can sign up for Celebrations Passport, which costs $30 and gives you free shipping on basket gifts for an entire year. This gives you free 2 business day shipping. This is only for the Celebrations brands.
  • BOGO Deals-You can get buy one get one free deals for things like Mint Meltaways.
  • Club Deals- There are club deals here for baskets like the “Chocolate Club” where you get 5 months worth for $30.
  • Sweepstakes-There are contests available such as the 95 sweepstakes where you can enter to win chocolate gift baskets on a daily basis through their social media by just filling out a few forms.

Head to Head


Shari’s has a lot of variety when it comes to fruit, they have candied versions of strawberries, cherries and apples They also have a lot of gift basket variety including their “Sweet and Savory Tasting Menu,” organic fruit, fruit and snacks, fresh and dried fruit and a number of other baskets emphasizing some wines and snacks, but largely fruit.

There’s a lot of variety on Edible Arrangements, perhaps even more than Shari’s. In particular it’s easy to search for everyday occasions since there are so many filters from “I’m Sorry” to “Just Because” and “New Baby.” There are unique basket options like Edible Pops with Fresh Fruit, or the Confetti Fruit Cupcake.

The site for Fannie May focuses more on chocolate and fruit baskets than the larger variety of cheeses and other gift basket items found in other sites.

Overall, Shari’s has a surprising amount of variety for special gift baskets not directly related to fruit. They have wine, cheeses, and other snacks available in their baskets. Edible Arrangements tends to focus on fruits and sweets because they are easier to make into colorful arrangements for the baskets. Fannie May is also very fruit and sweets-centered.

Price and Shipping

Some people complained about shipping and pricing packages at Shari’s Berries, but overall people seem happy with it. An example of pricing is the full dozen autumn strawberries that go for around $40. This includes three different types with the dark chocolate chips, white autumn leaf sprinkles, and the orange and amber swizzles. The site occasionally has free shipping orders but they only work for weekday deliveries. The standard delivery cost is $10, and you can schedule this right through the site. They don’t claim responsibility if you aren’t there though.

Edible Arrangements allows you to get same-day pickup for free. They don’t charge for the rush. If you want it hand-delivered to you, it’s $14 extra, but this isn’t because of the rush. Many of the arrangements such as the dipped strawberries start at $79.

You can buy the Celebrations Passport to get free shipping for the entire year. This costs $30. You get your baskets without a delivery fee or shipping charge this way. Obviously this isn’t going to be worth it just for one or two baskets, but the charges of $10 or more can really add up if you’re giving many people gift baskets throughout the year.

Examples of strawberry gift baskets you can get from Fannie May include the decadent chocolate dipped strawberries that go for $40.

Fannie May offers a Create Your Own Assortment. A 1 pound assortment costs $29.99 and a 2 pound assortment costs $54.99. With Fannie May, there is a simple three step process when creating your own assortment.

Step 1: You will choose your assortment size, 1 or 2 pound.

Step 2: Choose your lid design.

Step 3: Select your flavors. Fannie May offers many types of chocolates and candies to choose from like sea salt caramels, truffles, mint meltaways, and buttercreams. The Create Your Own Assortment has choices like milk and dark chocolate walnut cluster, vanilla nut caramel, and pink ice. They also offer great sales during holidays like Valentines Day.

Overall, the prices are comparable except for Edible Arrangements where it costs almost double due to the extra care they put into the presentation.