Sfax vs MyFax vs eFax: Secure Faxing Services Compared

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Sfax has the HIPAA compliancy which makes them a good choice for secure medical faxing. MyFax is an effective choice for those who want to try first before purchasing with their 30-day free trial and top notch support features. If you intend on sharing hi

It sometimes happens that you have to fax extremely sensitive information. When this is necessary, it’s important to go with a faxing service that you know is going to keep your information secure from outside sources. Here are a few options for secure faxing services including how they stack up against one another.


Sfax has thousands of customers and is open for business around the clock. They are the fax service of choice for companies like Square, CareCloud and the Council on Foundations.


  • Customized Cover Pages-You can change the cover page to just about anything you want.
  • Logging-This includes giving you a history of your faxes, and also giving you notifications when faxes are delivered.
  • HIPAA Compliant-HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Compliancy means that Sfax has been certified as safe for keeping your medical documents away from people who shouldn’t have it.
  • GamaSec Certified-This means that the security service GamaSec certifies that Sfax is safe to use.
  • Mobile Solutions-You can fax from both Android and iOS. There’s also a PC and a web application for faxing as well.
  • Extra Flexible “Freedom” Plan-If you’re an individual and not a business, there’s an extra plan that gives you 150 pages per year at $36.
  • 14 Day Trial with 25 Free Faxes-You’ll be charged automatically after the trial ends, so make sure you cancel it beforehand if you don’t want to keep going.


MyFax has a wide variety of support options available around the clock, as well as better deals for receiving faxes securely. You can contact them at 1-866-378-2373.


  • 30 Day Trial-You get a longer trial with MyFax then you do with some other services.
  • Easily Accessible Live Chat-You can go straight to the live chat from the main page by clicking on the blue speaker box in the top right corner of the page. Getting someone live is only possible during business hours, but you can leave a message this way when they aren’t around.
  • Free 200 Inbound Faxes per Month-With the standard plans you can receive 200 faxes per month without getting charged for additional pages.
  • 24 Hour Phone Support-MyFax has free phone support around the clock that’s easy to access online.
  • Extensive Help Material-This includes FAQs, demos and other information for helping you figure out what you need to do for a particular problem.
  • 5 Numbers-You can fax from up to 5 different numbers with this feature.


The company eFax has the advantage of letting you share large files with other people, including especially faxing them high-resolution images. It’s known for being easy to setup quickly. You can call eFax at 1-800-958-2983 if you have questions during business hours. There’s also a live chat during business hours as well.


  • Bring Existing Number-You can bring your own fax number to eFax and begin using it almost right away.
  • Fast Setup-You can add the zip code you want for a fax number in a box right on the main page, and get a fax number of your own within 2 minutes according to the eFax main site page.
  • Digitized Signature-You can sign for faxes this way by scanning a signature and then just dragging it where you want it to go each time you need a signature.
  • Mobile Phone Apps-These apps for Android and iPhone let you easily scan and fax pages in one go.
  • Send Large Files-If you want to send large files that won’t fit in an email, you can do so through eFax. This includes videos, images and so on. This is a unique feature since many other faxing services will block this automatically. Obviously this only works if you’re faxing to a medium that can interpret the file, since printers can’t interpret videos.

Head to Head


Sfax costs $89 per year to use with the solo plan. Otherwise, If you go over the 100 faxes per month, it’s 10 cents per page. You’ll need at least a standard plan to get custom pages. The standard plan comes in around $285 per year. There’s also a Freedom plan for individuals that gives you 150 pages a year.

The cost at MyFax is $10 per month or $120 per year, this is called the “Best Value” plan. The “Most Popular” plan is $20 per month or $240 per year. The difference is that you can send 200 fax pages per month for free with the Most Popular plan. The Best Value plan lets you receive way more pages with MyFax then you can with other services like Sfax, though Sfax technical y has the cheaper plans overall.

The eFax Plus pricing plan is around $14 per month if you order it ahead of time. Otherwise, it’s around $17 per month. You get 150 free pages per month to send and receive with a 10 cents per page overage charge. There’s a $10 setup fee for Plus. The Pro plan is $16.63 if you pay ahead, $20 per month otherwise with 200 free pages per month and a $20 setup fee.

This makes Sfax the cheapest, with eFax being the most expensive though they do give you the most for it.


One downside to Sfax is that it doesn’t have a Microsoft Outlook plugin which makes it harder to use in that specific capacity, though you can integrate with other Microsoft products such as Word. The service is HIPAA compliant which means it’s good for medical document transfers. Sfax offers 24/7 online support through email and phone support during business hours.

MyFax has a longer trial by double then Sfax. They also have support features that are much easier to access for non-members., including a live chat service. The setup is also free here with 10 cent pages for sent or received over the limit, just like with Sfax. One downside to MyFax is that you don’t have mobile alerts or electronic signature options. MyFax also has the advantage of giving you lifetime online fax storage.

The eFax system has the downside of charging you for a setup fee, unlike the other two. But eFax has unique features like high-resolution picture faxing and lightning fast setups