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Seven Tips to Help You Get Through a Divorce

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What things to do during a divorce and what to expect.

When I sat down to write this article I was wondering what kind of thing I have seen my close family and friends go through that I could pass on.В  So take everything here how you want.В  It may happen to you and it may not.В  First things first hire a lawyer.В  A lawyer will be your best friend for how ever long you divorce is active.В  A lawyer can act in your favor as a mediator or in the long run as your defender.В  Listen to there advice and do not question them they do not like it.В  Let them do there job just like when your at work or caring for your child you do not want anyone telling you your not doing it right.

Second write everything down in a note book.В  Everyday, every event, and everything that might have been said.В  Be specific this will help in child custody cases and in separation of property.В  This will also put light on which person is more organized and is more willing to get things done.

Third keep your cool!В  This is very important because if you loose it you can loose allot.В  Not just the house or the car but the children too.В  Do not let your friends intervene or anyone that you bring into your life at this time.В  Anyone acting against your spouse even if not on your behalf still makes you look bad.

Always talk in a civilized manner.В  You adults you got married things did not work out, but you must remain adults.В  If you cannot get along do talk to one another.В  Keep at least one line of communication open so that there can be talks of visitation or of details from the divorce.В  Make it by e-mail so that tone can not be heard if you have to.

Forth do not sign anything without reading it first.В  You may have been married to the person but they do not care if you signed it and did not understand.В  So read carefully and if you have questions ask a lawyer.

Fifth never put stress or try to guilt the other person.В  It doesn't work and well it just makes people mad.В  When going to court always address the judge as your honor and never speak unless asked to.В  Dress professionally and look presentable.

Last two things let the Lawyer handle it that’s why you hired them and last never use a child as leverage you won’t win.В  The child is not a tool they are people and the mental stress you may put on them can be harmful.В  Good luck.


Posted on Jun 9, 2011
Posted on Sep 8, 2009

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