Seven Essentials of Effective Advertising

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Good advertising is the essential ingredient that makes a business thrive. Here are seven essentials of effective advertising to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Advertising is to your business what rivers are to the ocean. It's how you grow, where all your needs are brought in. Since customers are the greatest need of any business, you need effective ways to draw them in. Advertising are the channels that funnel people to your business. Without advertising, or without good advertising, your business is sure to be swallowed up by the competition. Follow these seven essentials of effective advertising and make the most of your promotional opportunities. 


Consider the city you live in and what the culture is like. What will be most effective where you are? If you like in a big city, competition will be tough and you may need to think creatively. In a small town, competition won't be as fierce and word of mouth will be your best ally, so minimal advertising should work fine. Also consider your target market. Websites would be a good choice for young people, but probably less effective for reaching the elderly. Always be aware of who your primary customer base is and recognize the most effective ways to reach them specifically. 


Placing your ads in the right spots is paramount to success. Your ads should be clearly visible; avoid cluttered locations with plenty of competing ads. You want yours to stand out or better yet, be the only ad in that specific location or easily the most visible. You also want a high traffic location where you ad will be seen by lots of people on any given day. Think strategically: When and where are people likely to have the opportunity to read an ad? Some suggestions might be roadside signs, single-ad billboards, magazines/sitting room reading material, internet websites, etc. Not all of these may be good for you specifically, but make sure you don't compromise when it comes to finding the right location. One or two well placed ads are better than a dozen, frequently ignored ones. 


Nothing could be more useless than an ad that doesn't convey clearly the intended message. You need to create ads that easily convey who you are, what your business is about, what you offer, and why you're the right choice. People should be able to recognize the answers to all of these right away when they see your ad. Don't be ambiguous, trendy, or try to over-think your message. Be clear so that people can make the mental connection to your business easily and quickly. 


What sets you apart from your competition? Why should people choose you? You ads should promote your distinctiveness well. People need to know what sets you apart. Also, your ad should visually be distinctive. Using alternative colour schemes and unique wording will make your ad stand out from the rest. It may also be a good idea to have bright, unique company colours so that your ads, logo, and even company vehicles stand out very noticeably. 


Does your ad easily catch the eye? Or does it look boring, out-dated, too busy, or poorly put together? Using the right layout, colours, wording, letter font, and shape are all important to your ads appeal. If it doesn't look interesting and it doesn't look attractive, no one's going to pay attention to it.


Don't complicate things! The best ad is one that people will notice at a glance. Try to convey only essential information, especially on signs and billboards where the average person has only 2-3 seconds to see your ad. The shorter your message the better. Make every word count, and get rid of any unnecessary wording or patterns. As an example, think how eye-catching a black billboard with three white words on it would be. The colours are high contrast and the message is short, and everyone will take notice. The simpler, the better. 


While basic information is good for advertising, you also want to make your viewers think. Your ad should do something to their mind that causes them to remember it. This could be in the form of a provoking statement, a question, a catchy jingle (if using radio), etc. Whatever it is, you want your business' ad to stick in people's minds. 

Obey these seven essentials and you're likely to have very effective advertising!

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Posted on May 10, 2011