Seven Benefits of Using Norton360 to Protect Your Computer

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During this modern age, the internet has provided us with several, useful benefits which help us in everyday life. Whether it is applying for work, checking your email, browsing for research and information, maintaining an online business or even social n

During this modern age, the internet has provided us with several, useful benefits which help us in everyday life. Whether it is applying for work, checking your email, browsing for research and information, maintaining an online business or even social networking, it can really satisfy our needs.

However, as the internet has evolved over the decades, the rate of people using it has increased. You can clearly see that people on the streets could actually be doing some sort of crime online without anyone’s realization. These crimes may alter in significance but most do ruin your life in some way. Either you files are used; computers break down and even robbery of your personal belongings such as bank details. Nevertheless, some companies have created certain programs to destroy and kill the viruses that affect your computer. Norton360 is one of them programs and below you will find out seven reasons how it protects your pc. First let us read and learn some facts about viruses and what potential significance they contain.

Viruses: are they fatal?

Humans fall ill due to viruses in their body. It can really cause pain. Similarly, electronic viruses in computers can cause damage and possibly death to your hardrive with any personal information being stolen such as bank details.

Where are Viruses found?

Using the internet without any type of protection significantly increases the risk of threats. These threats can occur through the simplest ways including:

Your email inbox

• Messages

• Surfing the internet on unsafe websites

• Cookies

• Dangerous and infected files

• Ads embedded on sites

You may have realized that viruses are spread across the world of the web and our duty is to ensure the continuous protection of our computers. Now let's find out the seven reasons how Norton360 protects your pc.

1) Connect to the internet with peace!

There are some hackers who spy at your activity once you connect to the web. It is also possible for hackers to attack your pc while browsing. Norton360 allows you to connect to the internet with peace and confidence and block all hackers from accessing your pc. You can also prevent the entry of unknown threats.

2) Remove viruses from emails!

Email service providers like Hotmail have created junk boxes where rubbish spam messages are accumulated. Some messages automatically fly to the junk folder so you do have to check through to make sure you do not delete important mails. But viruses infected files also fly to the junk box. Fortunately, Hotmail does not show the content in the mail until you authorise the permission. With Norton360, you can erase the viruses in the mail without worry.

3) Surf the web and play games!

Earlier, I mentioned that some hackers spy on your internet activity if they attacked your computer. This is known as spyware. These hackers can cause major threats to your personal information such as passwords. Norton360 does stop spyware from tracking your activity online and the ability to block hackers that try entering and attacking your pc. This should both comfort you to browse the web confidently and keep your privacy to yourself.

4) Bank and shop with your secure money!

During this evolved age of the web, it has never been easier to build a website. It is not true that all websites are created by professionals. The possibility of anyone making a website is guaranteed. Unfortunately, it is also easy to create fake websites that seduce you to pay for items which then result in your bank details being stolen. Norton360 guards your identity and restricts access to sites which contain suspicious cookies and even viruses. It also searches for website certificates.

5) Safely download files!

Thousands of users rely on the internet for content. A time has come when everything is available on the web. You can purchase products, music and so much more. However, not all files you download are clean. Some sites publish fake files pretending to be of games and music but turn out to be viruses. With Norton360, you can remove any dangerous threats in files you download and block suspicious programs that try running on your computer.

6) Back up your important files!

All of us have important files that we cannot afford to lose. It could be school coursework, college assignments, articles, music files, photos and videos. They all need to be somewhere safe where no harm can be found. This is why Norton360 allows its users to back up their important files onto a CD unless computer crashes and disasters occur. It is necessary to back up earlier than later unless your pc dies unexpectedly. It is similar to how a person can die a sudden death without anyone having the slightest hint.

7) Tune up your pc for better performance!

Browsing the internet brings in hundreds of unnecessary files that tend to fill up your disk space. It can dramatically slow and crash your computer frequently. Norton360 gives you the option to delete the temporary internet files that gather on your hard disk. Norton360 also can fine tune your pc to defragment your hard disk to allow extra space for more storage.


Like other internet protection programs, Norton360 has many benefits for your pc than the older Norton Anti-Virus programs available. Your decision is if you wish to buy a Norton360 product and save your computer or wait till your pc breaks down and have your personal information stolen.

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