Sepia: A Homeopathic Remedy

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Sepia is a homeopathic remedy used primarily for female issues such as PMT, menopause and also for certain issues arising from pregnancy. However, it is much more than this and can benefit men and women in a whole range of health areas.

Sepia comes from squid or cuttlefish and is the ink that these molluscs produce. It tends to be brown to black in colour and the squid expels this substance as a defence mechanism, to hide its retreat from danger.

Below is a list of issues sepia can help but they are specific, so a description of each symptom (where necessary) is included. If, for example, you have nausea where the belly does not feel empty, then sepia may not be necessary in that issue.


Some pregnancy complaints that sepia can help with include:

Constipation – wherein the belly feels full

Labour pains

Nausea – wherein the belly feels empty

Vomiting when accompanied by a strong smell and bile

Thrush – where accompanied with a burning sensation and strong smell.

Other issues

Backache – in the lower back where it feels like it is dragging down and aching

Coughing – wherein the cough is continual through night, dry and exhausting, irritating, hacking, loose, rattling, short, feel a need to sit up, disturbs sleep, and tends to be worse at night. In this instance, the mucus may be yellow or white and has a salty taste

Cold – where snot may drip down back of throat and your sense of smell goes

Cold sores

Cystitis – where you feel your pelvis is constantly dragged down, and is urgent, accompanied with pressing pains and slow, frequent urination (while a separate issue, this form of cystitis can occur after childbirth)

Fever – sepia can be used when fighting influenza when fever is accompanied with sweating, when person is hot to touch but has internal chills

Exhaustion – where this has come on suddenly, nervous. This can be caused from sweating and will be accompanied by stiffness of legs and a feeling of weakness in them. These are common with hot flushes, of which sepia is an excellent remedy

Eye inflammation – wherein the eyes feel like they’re burning and stick together and/or swollen and feel grainy.

Faintness – where there is heat with the faintness or where you feel cold after fainting

Hair loss – usually as a result of the menopause (for other reasons of hair loss, other remedies may be better suited)

Headaches – where you have pains in bones as well and/or very cold extremities, where pain is usually in the left side of head (although this is not always the case) and when artificial light instigates the pain

Hot flushes – where the heat moves up the body

Insomnia – when waking after 3am and accompanied with sleepiness. Usually waking during night and cannot get back to sleep, then feeling exhausted in morning

Period problems – painful periods, where pain is achy, dragging down, dull or pressing, sore, bruised feeling. Insides of pelvis area feel like they want to fall out and this can feel especially worse when urinating. Often occurs with short length periods

Thrush – see pregnancy section

Toothache – wherein pain radiates to the ears and can be throbbing, pulling, stitching or tearing (often linked to periods, pregnancy or menopause but also possibly found in men).

As with all homeopathic remedies, it is a good idea to confer with a specialist, with a professional homeopath who can take any conventional medications into account but sepia is generally very good for women with period problems, especially women with dark hair.

In homeopathy the physical and the emotional state/mentality of the patient is considered. Some remedies may suit a symptom but not a person’s character. There are a few exceptions to this rule – arnica, calendula and hypericum being a few examples.

Sepia is a wide ranging remedy, especially for women during periods (PMT/PMS), pregnancy and menopause and while it does have characteristics associated with a personality type, it can be used more generally for period and menopausal issues. For all else, it would be recommended that you consult a specialist. Although this remedy is not harmful, it may not be the best remedy for your particular needs.

If you are interested in homeopathy, why not read my article on Samuel Hahnemann.


The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro


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