Self-improvement Secret

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Many people has low self-esteem, unaware of their self worth, and are painfully shy. Know the basic keys for self-improvement and bloom.

Many people has low self esteem, unaware of their self-worth, and are painfully shy.  Despite their potentials, they get bogged down on the same spot- as clerks and receptionists.  It's tragic because they have the makings of top executives and superstars.

America's high priestess of personality development has four basic keys for self-improvement as well as redesigning personality, modifying behavior, and enhancing the quality of the voice are deceptively simple- but which can be achieved by anyone with a strong will.

  • Acknowledge your good points.  People who lack self-confidence are aware only of their bad points.  Acknowledging your good points raises your self-esteem.  Make a mental note of your faults in behavior or mannerisms like fidgeting, slouching, interfering when somebody is talking and frowning.  Your facial expression if it's positive and warm could help you boost your career opportunities according to experts.
  • Be interested and be interesting.  Reading can keep you on what's going on.  There's a time for listening and a time for talking.  She commented that eye contact is important and it should be ninety percent eyeball-to-eyeball because it shows you're interested.
  • Get rid of those verbal mannerisms.  Junk those verbal mannerisms, rambling and chopping sentences.  They turnoff people.  The ideal voice has smooth and mellow tones.  Use the mirror as a correcting vehicle for bad facial expressions, while the tape recorder is the medium for correcting voice faults.  Warm is a charmer; develop a warm personality.  It speaks of the way you look at life, other people and the world 

             A tape recorder is a medium for correcting voice faults


              Avoid bad facial expressions


  • Don't be a dormant.  Learn to say no, so others will not manipulate you.  You have rights so protect them by being more assertive.
  • Try to develop more sex appeal According to a renowned author, sex appeal is not synonym for beauty.  It is the whole personality- what attracts a man to a woman.  At first glance, it may seem to be beauty but on second look, the quality that men turn to for good is a healthy and wholesome personality.  A man will be attracted to a warm smile that is both enticing and welcome- not a cold, plastic smile.

             A man will be attracted to a warm smile


  • Voice is an important part of sex appeal.  A woman with a low voice, and who speaks intelligently is more attractive than a woman who has a screeching voice.  Intelligence is also an important factor because a nice smile and nothing to talk about is hardly an ideal company.  The jewelry she wears and the dresses a woman wears do not give her more appeal. Laughter is a big quality in sex appeal.  Look into a mirror and smile!  When you laugh try to avoid giggling, that is only for children.  spontaneous loud laughter is welcome anywhere and brings joy to any occasion.