Seismic Audio vs JBL: Audio Speakers Reviewed

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When looking at new speakers to buy, there are all kinds of choices, specifications, sizes and prices to look at. There are speakers for musicians, DJs, bars, your home and cars. Seismic Audio and JBL sell a large selection of speakers for professional an

Seismic Audio

Located in Memphis, Tenn., Seismic Audio Speakers was founded by Steve Acree with the goal of selling the best sounding speakers to musicians, DJ's and all consumers without costing a fortune. Seismic Audio sells several lines of premium DJ speakers designed specifically for DJ use. Many of their prices are 50% of the listed price.

You can easily search their website for the exact speaker you want by narrowing searches by price, color, main speaker size, main speaker type, mini-speaker type, subwoofer type and RAW woofer type. In addition to audio speakers, Seismic Audio also sells cables, rack cases and bass guitar and guitar cases.

Their main categories include:

  • DJ Gear
  • PA Speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Monitors
  • Amplifiers
  • Snake Cables
  • Audio Cables
  • Patch Cables

Seismic Audio Packages and Prices

With Seismic Audio, you can buy audio speaker packages that should fit any need.

  • SA-15T includes a pair of PA/DJ/band speaker cabinets with titanium horns that currently costs $284.99. Each PA speaker is 350 watts RMS / 8 ohms per speaker.
  • SA-122T includes a pair of dual 12" Pro Audio PA/DJ speaker cabinet titanium horns and costs $324.99. Each PA speaker is 600 watts RMS / 4 ohms per PA speaker.
  • Magnitude 2400-PKG-1 package includes a FLP-15P 15" Pro Audio speaker, 18" subwoofers, a power amplifier, a 10 channel mixer and sub poles and cables for a cost of $1,729.99.
  • Enforcer II PW 18" Powered Pro Audio subwoofer cabinet pair costs $864.99. This package features 120 ounce magnet and a 4" coil with 1200 watts RMS / 8 ohms per 18" subwoofer.
  • Shockwave4000-PKG-1 package is a pair of dual 15" PA speakers, Shockwave 4000 power amplifier and cable for a cost of $829.99.

Epicenter 5004-PKG1 package

Seismic Audio Discount Coupons

Seismic Audio Free Shipping

Seismic Audio offers free shipping on any product with any order within the lower 48 continental United States. If you order before2:30 PM CT, your order will be shipped the same day. For expedited shipping, call them at 1-901-363-6030.

Seismic Audio Customer Comments

Seismic Audio has excellent customer ratings that include:

  • Google Wallet gives Seismic Audio an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5.
  • rates them overall an excellent 9.4/10.
  • gives then an overall rating of 4.72/5.

Seismic Audio customers have the following comments:

  • "Have been using Seismic Audio's products and site for quite a long time now and am increasingly impressed with their service, attention to detail, responsiveness to customer suggestions and request about design and commitment to constant improvement of their product line. Add the exceptional prices to this and I rarely shop anywhere else."
  • "Very quick shipping. Had a problem with a speaker and was able to talk to tech quickly and when the problem resurfaced they immediately resolved the issue. Very pleasant staff."
  • "Website provided the information we needed on the product we were interested in. When we called to ask for more detailed info, they seemed to know their product without having to look it up to answer our questions."
  • "I have purchased speakers and cables over the last two years on numerous occasions. Pricing is excellent, delivery is rapid and the quality of merchandise has been very good."

Seismic Audio Enforcer II PW - 18" powered subwoofer / YouTube


JBL is a long time and well-known name in the speaker industry and their history is a great story. JBL was founded by John B. Lansing in 1930 as the Lansing Manufacturing Company.

In 1941, Lansing was acquired by Altec Service Company and in 1946; John Lansing founded a new company, John B. Lansing Sound. John B. Lansing passed away in 1949, but the name JBL and the company continued on with great success. JBL products powered Woodstock and other music festivals. Sidney Harmon acquired JBL in 1969 and they are still owned by Harmon today.

JBL Products

JBL sells a full line of speakers for both home and professional uses. JBL has a separate web site for their professional audio speakers. Their home product line includes the following speaker products.

Home Audio:

  • Wireless speakers
  • Computer speakers
  • Floor-standing
  • Soundbars
  • Bookshelf speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Center channel
  • In-wall and in-ceiling speakers
  • All-weather
  • Home theater speakers

In addition to their audio speakers, JBL also sells headphones, wireless and speaker docks and marine speakers. JBL also has a great line of car audio speakers and products.

JBL Product Prices

Here are a few examples of popular JBL speakers and prices.

  • JBL Studio 190 is a 400 watt, three-way floor standing speaker with PolyPlas midrange, dual woofer drivers and CMMD tweeters for a cost of $449 each.
  • Studio 130 bookshelf speaker with PolyPlas woofer drivers and their patented CMMD Lite tweeter. Rated at 25-400 watts amplifier power for a price of $299 per pair.
  • CS6100 is a complete 5.1 channel home theater speaker system with 150 watt subwoofer, 10" PolyPlas subwoofer and 1/2" titanium-laminate tweeters. The normal cost is $1,099 but is currently on sale for $349.99 per system.
  • ES250P is a 400 watt subwoofer with 700 watts of peak power handling and the patented JBL 12" PolyPlas driver currently on sale for $199.99 each.
  • ES30 three-way dual 6" bookshelf speaker has a 6" JBL PolyPlas low frequency transducer, dual 3/4" dome tweeters of pure titanium design. Currently on sale for a price of 299.40 per pair.

JBL offers free ground shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee.

JBL ES30 speaker

JBL Discount Coupons

JBL Customer Comments

Many JBL audio speakers have customer comments, which can be helpful when deciding between different audio speakers. The following are a few comments for their audio speakers.

  • "I have another big brand 12" sub, but to my pleasant surprise the ES250BPK surpassed it by a wide lead! High sound quality (no distortion even at high volumes), plenty of power, deep and intense bass at low volumes (the walls of my house are solid bricks and "I can feel goooood" the vibration when I put my hands on them)! Design sleek and compact, simplicity of installation and quiet operation. To be perfect could come with remote control and wireless connection, but these features are only available in much more expensive subs and we do not need if you have a receiver of high quality with accurate calibration." - ES250P subwoofer comment.
  • "Driving these with a Yamaha RX-497 and with a Boston Acoustics sub, these are excellent sounding speakers and are an amazing value. Really good mids, perfect highs and appropriate bass (given the 6 inch woofer in a very large bookshelf enclosure). These speakers are so large that they will not really fit on a bookshelf; you'll want to use some decent speaker stands (24 inch is what I use and when seated they sit at ear level). I like the sound from these so much better than Klipsch (as always, do your own sound tests before buying). Highly recommended!" - ES30 comment.
  • "This speakers have a great sound in combination with my JBL L8400 subwoofer and JBL lc2 center speaker! I am using a Denon receiver to my JBL studio line system. This combination gives a great sound by playing music and films! A super all around system to hear." - Studio L820 comment.

Audio Speaker Comparisons

Both JBL and Seismic Audio have a large selection of all types and sizes of audio speakers and no two are an exact comparison. The following charts will compare audio speaker specifications from Seismic Audio and JBL speakers that are somewhat similar.


Seismic Audio Baby Tremor 15" PW (powered)


Subwoofer (powered) 10" - wireless


Amplifier Peak Power

600 watts

500 watts

Amplifier Power RMS

300 watts

300 watts

Frequency Response

35 Hz - 800 Hz

27 Hz - 150 Hz






13 1/4"



16 1/8"


$269.99 each

$439.20 each

The following specifications compare the Seismic Audio 8" Pro Audio speaker and the JBL SP-530 5.25" speaker.


Seismic Audio NPS-8

JBL Studio 530


Amplifier Peak Power

90 watts RMS

25 - 125 watts

Frequency Response

55 Hz - 20 kHz

45 Hz - 40 kHz (-6 dB)


97 dB

86 dB (2.38V@1m)

Nominal Impedance

8 ohms

6 ohms



18 3/8"






8 3/4"



$599.95 per pair

JBL Studio 530