Scam or Legit: Review

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A review of that will determine if it is a scam or not.

A lot of people are now looking into the internet to get quick bucks. Because of this, dozens and dozens of scam sites are now littering the net and preying on innocent web surfers. It really is hard to determine if a site is legit or not- testimonials from other people can be faked, writers can be paid to give good reviews, etc. As hard as it is to determine if a site is a scam or not, one must exercise diligence and due care in researching about these sites before handing over to them your hard earned dough. Lucky for you, you’ve got this review.

Enter – a site that offers a service that claims to search for your unclaimed cash if there is any. All you have to do is enter your first and last names, press search, and voila! Your unclaimed cash pops up in your monitor. Now, who wouldn’t be happy if you just typed in your name and instantaneously, a dollar amount shows in up in front of you saying that that amount is probably yours. I, for one, tried out their search engine (which is free to try) and found out that I could possibly have $103.75 worth of unclaimed property. Here’s the catch though, you are not 100% sure if the amount that appears on the screen after you search is yours. As stated also in the website of cash unclaimed:

When you perform a free trial search we display the total dollar amount in unclaimed funds that we show reported by the appropriate government agencies. This does not guarantee that this money is 100% absolutely yours. What it means is that there is that total dollar amount shown by government agencies under your name and common variations of your name. It means there are funds matching your name and they are eligible to be claimed.

This of course may be due to the fact that there may be two or more persons having the same exact name. But wait, there is another catch:

The dollar total we display is the actual total amount we have listed in our database. You will need to perform your own due-diligence & verify these funds listed are for you and not for someone else who shares a name with you. Our paid premium subscription will help you with that process."

There you have it, the unavoidable upgrade to a premium account. In order to avail of additional services that would help you determine if that amount is actually yours, you must avail of a premium account that costs $11 per month. I think this is a nice strategy that is implemented by the site because once you see money attached with the possibility that you may have a viable claim to it, you may be motivated to avail of their premium service especially if the amount shown that could be possibly yours is far greater than their monthly premium subscription.

I made some experiments with the search engine of and came out with some interesting results. First is that I entered American sounding names in their search engine (First name and Last Name should be entered) and almost all of my searches came out with a result showing some money is owed to that name that I have just typed. I tried to enter some Mexican and Spanish sounding names and some resulted in possible unclaimed cash (about 60%) and some produced no results at all. Next, I tried entering Asian sounding names and it just produced little results of unclaimed cash (about 30% of my searches showed unclaimed cash). This means that this site is generally geared towards the American community as seen in their tag-line “9 in 10 Americans are owed cash that sits unclaimed year after year”. But as also seen in the results, they would also like to cater to an international audience. Also, all my searches that resulted in positive hits (those with possible unclaimed cash) showed a dollar amount that is greater that the monthly fee of $11 that is charged if you avail of a premium account. This again may be another marketing strategy using “cost and benefit” (wherein you see the potential benefit is quite higher than the cost of the service) in order for you to avail of the service.

Some questions now arise as we analyze further what has to offer:

1. Why is it necessary for a person to be charged on a monthly basis? Does this mean that if you already have claimed your property, you will still be charged a monthly fee?

2. Why is there NO specific government agency mentioned in their site?

3. Where did they get their records?

4. How do you know that their records are credible?

5. Who are the persons running the website? charges $11 for one month with AUTOMATIC renewal of your subscription per month! You have to apply for a cancellation of your subscription in order to stop getting charged. This is NOT a service that you are going to use every single month or every single day. This is such a bad policy which aims only to extract cash from clients for as long as they can.

To give legitimacy to’s service, it should have sited a government agency that supports their program but they have failed to mention at least one government agency. They also claim that they have records and documents with regards to properties and claims of individuals but again, they cannot be proven as credible because they have not sited any support from a government agency.

A certain Nicole Anderson is mentioned in the website’s contact info but I am not sure if she is real. She has published certain articles in the web about unclaimed properties but there is no photo of her. No profile of her can be found.

Finally, after scourging the Net to gather different testimonials about, majority of the people who commented gave negative feedbacks and only a few gave positive feedbacks. Some claimed that they cannot unsubscribe, some said that they cannot get a refund (which is given as a guarantee by, some claimed that they did not find any useful information and some stated that it is just a piece of crap and a waste of money. Those who gave positive feedbacks claimed that they have actually received unclaimed property by using the premium services of cashunclaimed.

Now, before I give my verdict, let me give you some actual searches that I made with‘s search engine. I entered the following First names and Last names and got the following results:

First Name Last Name Unclaimed Amount ($)
Super Mario 50.00
Hideo Kojima 391.24
King Kong 286.48
Bruce Lee 5,946.14
Elvis Presley 1,089.85
Ali Baba 25.00
Christopher Columbus 100.00
Jose Rizal 10.00
Bill Gates 7,071.92
Chun Li 3,381.04
Harry Potter 2,765.19
Hermione Granger 175.00

My final decision based on the facts that i have gatherd (and based on the capacities of my brain) - is a SCAM!


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