Samsung RC420 Laptop Review

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A user review of the entry- to mid-range Samsung RC420 laptop.

The RC420 is a relatively new budget laptop by Samsung. Stated by Samsung as an 'Essential' class notebook, the RC420 is a laptop meant for regular home or office use.


  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Intel Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30 GHz
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 14" HD LCD display
  • Nvida GeForce GT520 Optimus graphics card with 1GB of standalone graphic memory
  • 1.3 MP webcam


The RC420 measures 345.9mm (length) by 238mm (breadth) by 31.4 - 34.8mm (height when the screen is closed), and weighs 2.35kg. It is nowhere near as slim or light as new ultrabooks like Samsung's own Series 9 laptops, but is light enough to be carried around comfortably, and does not feel too bulky either, thanks in part to its slightly tapered end. The RC420 comes in a choice of a few colours, some of which do look better than others. The overall feel of the laptop is sturdy and well-built, with the surface not attracting too many fingerprints.

User experience

The Windows 7 Home Premium software that the RC420 comes with naturally provides a smooth and seamless user experience. The hardware, however, is also good- the island-style keyboard is nice to type on, offering precision and comfort. The touchpad is decently-sized and responsive, although the left- and right-click buttons below it, while offering good feedback, are somewhat loosely fitted, and jiggle around a little when lightly touched and pushed.


The 2nd-generation Intel Core i5 processor coupled with the 4GB of RAM is powerful enough to provide seamless performance for most everyday tasks, including aggressive multitasking. The graphics card, however, is nothing to shout about, with lower performance than the GT540M card that usually comes with mid-range laptops. The 14" display is manufactured by Samsung which themselves are known for reliable and high-quality LCD screens, and provides a crisp, clear, bright and vivid display.


Samsung are relatively new in the laptop segment, but the RC420 is a great laptop for its price range, in terms of performance, aesthetics and its display screen. The only minor gripe would be the less-than-securely-fitted buttons below the touchpad, but that is a small issue compared to what the laptop has to offer.

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Posted on Feb 3, 2012