Salt City Optics vs FramesDirect vs SmartBuyGlasses: Best Eyeglass Shop Online

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Salt City Optics is the perfect site for a new pair of sports glasses. They have a wide selection and a focus on that. Glasses that stay on your head and those that protect you from glare are here in volume and quality. Framesdirect has one of the widest

It’s no longer the slightest bit necessary to go to a physical location every time you need glasses if you already have a prescription. There are lots of great sites online, all with different focuses and levels of quality. You’ll want to go with the one that matches your needs.

Salt City Optics

Salt City Optics grew up in Utah of course, and the people behind the site are big into exercising and being outdoors, and this reflects in the style of the company since they focus a lot on sunglasses and outdoor glasses as well. If you have questions about your glasses after you purchase them you can call the 1(888) 458-299 phone number. It’s better to purchase directly off the site.


LiveChat- You’ll have an “optical specialist” start a chat with you within minutes of getting on the site. So if you like the hands-on approach and to ask questions directly this can be a plus.

Prescription Glasses Guides

Sports Glasses- The Oakley Flak Jacket XLJs, for example, have a three point precision fit, as well as well-made nose pads that make sure they don’t move on your face at all while you’re popping a wheelie or ski jumping off a cliff where moving glasses could really be a downer.

Transition Glasses- These glasses will be clear most of the time, but transition to sunglasses automatically when the sun comes out.

Photochromic  Lenses

Light Cancelling Options- The Oakley Racing Jacket Prescription Glasses, for example, have photochromic protection from light that could hurt your eyes off the snow. They block out ALL UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Even blue light up to 400 nb is blocked out. The site says they have the “best polarized lenses on the Planet.”

Choose your glasses based on Color Size, Style, and so on.

The Oakley Racing Jacket glasses have great protection from dangerous snowblindness effects while skiing.


FramesDirect describes itself as the “World’s Largest Selection of Premium Eyewear.” The jury’s still out on whether this is true or not, but it is absolutely true that FramesDirect has a huge amount of variety, especially in more niche fields like computer wear.


-Computer Glasses- FramesDirect has iAmp technology in glasses like the Gunnar MLG Phantom. This tech features the ability to enhance the human eye in how it interacts with a digital screen, including limiting air flow to the eye to cut down on blinking, and fractyl geometries designed to enhance detail. It also minimizes the following-eye fatigue, eye strain, glare dry eyes and so on.

-100,000+ Name Brand Glasses: This includes great brands like-

Lens Variety- This includes the standard 1.5 plastic lenses, polycarbonate, and two types of high-index lenses. They even have trifocal lenses.

-Military Discounts

- Rated at A- at BBB- The Better Business Bureau gives a pretty good rating. The only reason why it was slightly lower was the 17 official complaints, though FramesDirect responded to all of them.

Go for the Gunnar Phantoms on the site if you want protection from computer eye strain.


SmartBuy has the "Virtual Try On" tech taht gives you a 3D look at how glasses will look on your face from the POV of other people.  The site definitely has easy navigation for the modern consumer as well.


-Virtual Try On

-$39 Lenses

-Free Shipping

-24 Month Warranty

-35,000 Frames

-100 Day Return Policy

-Free Lens Cleaning Kit

-Try on Glasses Virtually- Fire up your webcam and get a sense of what glasses you’re looking at will look like on your face! You can also just use a model if your webcam isn’t working. You can try up to 4 different glasses at once this way.


Select a style like "cat eye" and see immediate options show up.

Click on the glasses you want on the right and they'll immediately show up on your face via webcam so you can see if you like the look!

Head to Head

High Tech-SmartBuyGlasses have the “Virtual Try On” option that lets you use modern tech like webcams to see how great you’d look in your new glasses. Frames Direct, alternatively, has the special computer glasses perfect for viewing computer screens.

Active Life Style-For those who love sports and being outside, you just can’t beat Salt City Optics for great sports glasses.


Frames Direct

“Great Product! The product quality is great, prescription is correct. Great Service! Shipping was slow.”

-Jennifer Franco


It’s fast, simple and you save a lot of money! I’ve ordered my glasses on September 4th and received it on September 11th…one week! They are perfect, exactly as ordered.”

-Lynos (September 18, 2013)


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