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RUTGERS UNIVERSITY - Original Colonial College

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As one of the original colonial colleges, its long standing traditions have made Rutger’s part of the American dream in the pursuit of an education.

Rutgers University continues to provide the highest standard of education to over 56,000 students attending the three campuses. As one of the original colonial colleges, its long standing traditions have made Rutgers part of the American dream in the pursuit of an education.

Today, Rutgers academics offer over 180 recognized programs and degrees sustaining diverse philosophies and public policies built on foundations of the arts and sciences. Leading scholars present seminars supplementing an international MBA program abroad.


As a public research university, admission competition continues to grow with Rutgers raising the bar for students interested is pursuing careers and further education in fields of arts and sciences. The undergraduate students attending Rutgers rank in the top 25 percent of their graduating high school classes.

Graduates comprise over 14,000 students and professionals seeking to complete their education in research studies and professional academics. Continuing and returning students complete higher levels of research degrees find the course curriculums unbeatable to today’s environment field and research demands.


The community diversity flourishes at Rutgers in comparison to other colleges, a characteristic, which contributes to its founding motivation preparing students for real world circumstances. Student participant in classroom strategies, research laboratories and specialized field involvement where learning how to deal with real life experiences last a lifetime. Students are encouraged to become part of the surrounding communities and active in the future developments.


Athletics at Rutgers is home to the 2011 Nation’s number two ranked football team as part of the NCAA and the Scarlet Knights women’s basketball team. Unstopped and just as notable are the U.S. Track and Field, hockey teams with men’s cross country winning the Belmont Classic. Whether you chose to be a supporting fan, follower or a participating Rutgers athlete in these sports of softball, wrestling and lacrosse, the opportunities are never-ending.


  • Rutgers, New Brunswick is the largest of the three campuses, close to downtown shopping and metro lifestyles.  Within New Brunswick there are five small campuses with College Avenue Campus, founded in 1766 cited as a historical segment of the university's history.
  • Rutgers, New Rutgers is a multicultural campus surrounded by arts and entertainment in the middle of the city’s cultural hub with reminders of a renaissance era.
  • Rutgers, Camden campus is located across from the Delaware River, a short journey from our country’s historic city of Philadelphia.



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Posted on Oct 5, 2011
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