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Running Low on Energy?

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The key maybe you are deficient CoQ10 nutrient

It could be lacking in a nutrient called Q10 (CoQ10) it is naturally occurring vitamin like substance that produces energy in body cells.

Here is a quiz: Find out if you need more CoQ10.

If you suffer from extreme fatigue and two or more of the following your body cells may need more CoQ10.

*Brain fog/memory problems *Bleeding or swollen gums

*Depression/loss of enthusiasm *Unexplained weight gain

*Decreased ability to handle stress *High blood pressure/high cholesterol/heart troubles

*Migraines and/or unexplained muscle aches

*Severe perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms

Common medications can deplete CoQ10 even years after use.

Beta-Blockers for high blood pressure, cholesterol lowering statins, oral contraceptives all these medications can interfere with the body stores of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Women who are on these medications should consult their doctor about taking 200 mg of CoQ10 daily to offset the energy drain. (Note: Use CoQ10 under doctor supervision if you are on blood thinners).

Plus even women who are not currently taking these medications can feel the draining effects. That is because a deficiency can endure for years after discontinuing use. A CoQ10 blood test at your doctor’s office can expose a deficiency and assures the supplementing with a nutrient can help restore energy and health.

CoQ10 shortfall leads to exhaustion. Fully sixty percent of women over thirty years of age are deficient in coenzyme Q10. This nutrient helps cellular mitochondria turn food into energy. Without enough CoQ10, fatigue, brain fog, reduced resilience to stress and weight gain can


Even healthy eaters consume seventy two percent less CoQ10 today than people who lived in the 1960’s. Due to food processing and over-toiled soil, less CoQ10 gets into the food supply. Top dietary sources include peanuts .8 mg per one ounce and broiled broccoli .5mg per half cup

At such low levels, achieving optimal CoQ10 intake through food is difficult. Complicating matters is stress and extreme mental and physical energy demands also deplete the body’s CoQ10 stores.

Here are helpful ways to get CoQ10. A mega dose of CoQ10 like 30 to 60 mg daily may help. But this may be too low for chronically stressed and tired women. You may want to up the dose to 100 to 200 mg daily for four months, and then reduce back down to 30 to 60 mg daily.

Another way is to eat magnesium rich foods. This mineral works synergistically with CoQ10 to enhance energy production and yet eighty percent of women are deficient in it. Top sources include dark leafy greens, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, black beans and almonds. There are supplements in drug stores with magnesium citrate these are best absorbed form. You should aim for 250 to 600 mg.

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