Rowing Machine, Facts About Why Rowing is Good Exercise

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Learn the facts about rowing machines and why they're a good exercise.

What are some facts about why a rowing machinge is good exercise? If you're looking for a low impact exercise that works both upper and lower body muscles, you will be happy to know this device provides just that. This workout regime will provide noticeable results all done on one machine. What is it that makes a rowing machine a good exercise?

Why is a Rowing Machine a Good Exercise? Target Toning Facts

A rowing machine workout will target tone your entire body. It especially benefits core strength muscles in your mid-section. The majority of your strength comes from your core. As resistance is placed in the core, your upper body increases in forearm, shoulder, and chest strength. While this type of exercise also works the legs, rowing machines are an excellent choice for maintaining ultimate condition in the upper regions of the body.

Why is a Rowing Machine a Good Exercise? Builds Muscle Facts

Lean muscle is another benefit of exercising with rowing machines. By rowing, you increase lean muscle mass and more calories are required to maintain muscle. Therefore, a rowing machine will develop a higher metabolism as you gain lean muscle.

Why is a Rowing Machine a Good Exercise? Calories Burned During Activity Facts

A moderate 30 minute workout on a rowing machine will incinerate 238 calories for a 150 pound person. Rigorous rowing will burn up to 297 calories in 30 minutes. As you can see, the caloric advantages are huge for this low impact exercise.

You burn more calories in a short amount of time by rowing because you're engaging in a full body workout. When you begin working out on a rowing machine, start yourself at a low to moderate level before progressing to a rigorous level. You don't want injury or pulled muscles.

Why is a Rowing Machine a Good Exercise? Warm Up Before Rowing Facts

Prior to your workout,be sure to stretch legs, arms, and chest muscles before you sit on the rowing machine. Without first doing this, you will likely encounter painful muscle strain or injury. So, take five minutes and stretch out well and try touching your toes.

Why is a Rowing Machine a Good Exercise? Give Your Body Time to Adjust Facts

Once you begin rowing, you need to give yourself time to adjust to the new routine. Starting out, you may feel the need to "rest" every 30 seconds, but that will pass as your muscles adjust. A good goal is to aim for exercising 20 minutes on the rowing machine. It's important not to over-exert yourself so you don't risk injury. Remember, these are muscles you don't frequently use and your body needs to time to get used to the new workout sessions.

Why is a Rowing Machine a Good Exercise? Cool-Down Session Facts

After you have exercised with the rowing machine, you need to stretch out again as part of the cooling down process. Every rigorous exercise requires a warm-up and cool-down session. Furthermore, you help prevent unnecessary soreness by stretching out after working out on the rowing machine.


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