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Roosters, Chickens And Chanticleer

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All about Roosters and Chickens.


A male chicken is commonly called a Rooster, Cock or Chanticleer. The scientific name is: (Gallus Gallus Domestics) they are common on most American farms. The Rooster was domesticated in India. There is some recent evidence that they where domesticated in Vietnam. It is thought that a Rooster is a product of two variants of Jungle Fowl called (G. Sonneratii).

Chickens are the most numerable domesticated animal in the world. There estimated to be 24 billion of them. That would mean there are only 2.4 billion roosters. A Rooster occurs every one in twenty four eggs. The Rooster has many female mates. It does not mate and stick with one hen for life. A hen is a female chicken. A Rooster however will guard and be very territorial of the hens he has for his harem. He will brutally defend the hens that are laying clutches of eggs, from other Roosters. His male dominance over his harem is ferocious. During the day light hours you will find him perched a few feet of the ground guarding his charge of hens.

A true barnyard Rooster is a well equipped fighting machine. A large Rooster can inflict quite a bit of damage with its spurs. Spurs are over grown toe nails, on the back of the cock bird’s legs. These spurs grow out three to four inches and are sharp and pointed. The spurs are used as a weapon to drive predators or threats away. The cock will leap when provoked and kick into his attacker, driving the spurs into the flesh of his quarry. They can inflict painful wounds. A Rooster is well equipped to defend himself. In modern times people have breed certain breeds of Roosters as fighting cocks. This is a practice that takes two male Roosters that have had steel razor blade extensions, attached to their feet were their spurs would be. This allows people to gamble on them for money. The Roosters having a natural aggression against other male Roosters will fight to the death. This practice is inhumane and outlawed in most United States. However, it does still have many followers.

Roosters have a flap of skin hanging under their beaks and on their heads, it is called a waddle. Roosters crow all the time not just at sun rise. They crow to mark their territory and drive off other Roosters. This preserves their dominance over their harem of females. Roosters can live 7-15 years. They can even be taught tricks. They are not stupid as ounce thought. You can eat a young rooster there is no difference in taste from a hen. An older Rooster over two years old will taste slightly gamey and be tougher. So the next time that old cock crows. You can say you know more about him than he knows about you.

(Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rooster)


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