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Roomorama vs AirBNB vs VRBO: Which Vacation Home Rental Service is Best?

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These three vacation home rental services can help travelers find the best place to stay while traveling. Roomorama lists places to stay ranging from homes to a corner in the living room and is great for short term stays. AirBNB is one of the larger compa


Roomorama was founded in 2009 by Jia En Teo and Federico Folcia and with seed money from several companies including PROFounders, Lerer Media and Thrive Capital. The idea behind their company is that there is more to traveling than just sightseeing. Roomorama business is to rent out short term rentals for travelers that need a place to stay while traveling.

Renting a Vacation Home on Roomorama

Roomorama lists short term rentals that can provide travelers a quick, easy and affordable way to find a place to stay as they travel. The founders are themselves travelers and understand the enjoyment of traveling and finding a place to stay short term.

Roomorama offers the following services for travelers:

  • They offer more than 300,000 short term rentals worldwide.
  • With their instant guarantee, you can be assured that your rental bookings are confirmed right away.
  • You can feel safe renting a place to stay through Roomorama since their hosts are verified and they work with cooperate partners.

Roomorama is easy to use. You just enter in where you are going, check in and check out dates and how many guests will be renting a place to stay. When you pick your city and dates, you will be presented with a list of vacation home rentals and the price. Travelers can find vacation home rental deals for many cities around the world.

To rent a vacation home rental, travelers first find the right vacation home and then pay for the booking and wait for the host to accept the payment. Once your booking has been accepted, present your 6-digit code when you check in.

Roomorama Coupons

Listing Your Vacation Home Rental on Roomorama

Roomorama also gives property owners the ability to list their homes for rentals and you get to keep 100% of the booking price. After you list your vacation home rental on Roomorama, you will start to receive booking requests. You can then accept the booking requests based on your available dates.


AirBNB was founded in 2008 with their headquarters in San Francisco, California. They are a marketplace for travelers to find a place to stay and also for vacation home owners that would like to list their properties for rent. Travelers can find and rent a home, hotel, castle and even a villa for however long your stay will be. They have more than 1 million listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries plus they offer over 600 castles for your stay.

Renting a Vacation Home on AirBNB

On AirBNB, you can find vacation home rentals for a short term stay or a long term stay including:

  • Find rental homes that meet your exact needs like extra rooms and unique accommodations.
  • Unique vacation rentals such as castles and igloos.
  • Connect with the vacation home hosts, confirm the dates and pay, it is that simple.

The great thing about AirBNB is that you will feel at home wherever you travel in the world. Their website offers travel recommendations and best places to vacation. As a traveler, all you have to do is enter in your destination and travel dates and you will be shown a list of all vacation home rental homes that fit your travel criteria.

Listing Your Vacation Home on AirBNB

AirBNB also allows home owners to list their vacation home rentals on their website. Not only do they allow you to list your rental homes, but also your villa, a room in your house or an air mattress in the living room. Listing on AirBNB is easy and profitable for anyone wishing to rent out their space or vacation home.

It is free to list your space or vacation home as a rental on AirBNB. You will need to accurately describe your listing including photos. Listing details is helpful such as do you offer wifi, do you accept pets, what transportation is offered and any other amenities of your space and location.

AirBNB allows vacation home owners to set their price and specifics including custom pricing for single nights, weekends, local special events and monthly stays. You will have the option to require guests to send you the reservation request and also to allow guest to instantly book through instant booking.

Once you accept a guest booking, it is then time to arrange for the key exchange, greet your guests and give them all the help they need in their new neighborhood.


VRBO stands for Vacation Rental by Owner and was founded in 1995 and is currently owned by HomeAway. You can search for vacation home rentals or list your home for rent. They list over 1 million vacation rentals and there is no fee for travelers to book a rental property.

Renting a Vacation Rental Home on VRBO

It is easy to search for the perfect vacation home rental on VBRO. You can search by destination and travel dates and then further refine your search. Travelers will have the ability to contact several properties owners so you can find the best deal and make sure you get the booking you need when you need it.

You can search for the best vacation home rental by state, Europe or using their world wide map. They offer cancellation protection, carefree rental guarantee and damage protection, making it safe for both renters and property owners.

A nice feature is their VRBO Travel Bear that loves to travel. You can read about all of their favorite places to travel and reviews of the best places to stay.

VRBO Coupons

Listing Your Vacation Home Rental Home on VRBO

VRBO provides helpful tools for all vacation home property owners to list their homes. Renters can list and manage their vacation property listing with an online calendar and a secure payment system. When you list your vacation home rental on VRBO, you receive the following benefits:

  • Reach 65 million travelers each month on their network of websites.
  • Enjoy great rental incomes that can exceed $63,000 per year.
  • Easy to use management and reservation tools.

Property owners can list their vacation home rentals for the following fees:

  • Do it yourself for $349 per year which is best for year around rentals.
  • Do it yourself for $0 upfront and 10% per booking which is best for shorter term rentals.
  • Get help from VRBO for a cost of $0 upfront and 13% per booking. This option is great for property owners that would like their account managed for them.

Vacation Home Rental Home Services Conclusion

All three companies are great and will help travelers find the perfect place to stay. Roomorama is great for short term rentals and for vacation home owners to list their places to stay. AirBNB is a well-known vacation home rental service and has listings for 34,000 cities including 600 castles for an interesting place to stay. VRBO is another great website to find a place to stay, but they are especially good for vacation home owners that want to list their property for rent, short or long term.


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