Risks of Babies Near Laptops and Cell Phones

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A list of possible risks of babies when near laptops and cellphones.

There are several reasons why we shouldn’t place our young children next to cellphones or even laptops. However aside from the obvious reasons, we shall tackle in this article what other risks could occur when babies are near technological devices such as cellphones or laptops. And here is a list that follows:

Radiation emitted by the technological devices

This is obvious first since the bodies of these babies may not be able to take the radiation rays that are emitted and come from cellphones and laptops for now until they grow into an older age to be able to somehow use these devices. Radiation could also possibly affect social, mental, and focal skills at a young age.

Hot laptops could mean some form of hurt to the child

Given that you do not use heating fans, or that one occasion that your laptop is in bed because you feel like not going to your table and all, this is risky since the baby could possibly be hurt with even the light warmth of the laptop.

Possible malfunction of machines, or danger when baby is crawling on laptop

When babies crawl, they could set off possible risks like breaking the laptop itself when walking over it. Or even the removal of keypads by walking, not only removes the keypads but could also hurt the child in the process.

Possible unintended data sent

 Now, there are cases when you need to shop and realize that, the item you are looking at is not the item you are looking for, but suddenly when the laptop is left unattended same for the baby who are both in the same room, and decides to walk on the enter button/space bar thus confirming the undesired transaction of the said object from your local online shopping site.

Choking hazard for small phones and USB dongles

This is stressed because of increasing rate of smaller dongles/flash drives, same with cellular phones, because if your child is in the vicinity of either your USB dongle or cellphone, it may pose as a choking hazard for your child. This is a situation you wouldn’t want your child to be on, same goes for you.

Now with all the risks said about babies and technological devices, the best thing that a parent can do for his infant child is to set the laptop at a high place, second would be to keep your small technological objects in the right place to avoid choking.

If the laptop user would like to compute or browse the internet at bed, please keep your child on the crib nearby for safe monitoring without the risk of lost keyboard keys, or child possibly be hurt from laptop heat. Please keep these tips on your notes so your child will be safe from these dangers. Comments are appreciated.


More about Radiation Dangers to Children

More studies have recently confirmed that there is a greater danger to babies and children being near wireless devices like cell phones and laptops. This danger is due to microwave radiation (MWR). And the danger from these devices are even worse for an unborn baby, so keep that in mind if you are pregnant when using your cell phone or laptop computer, or any other wireless device.

The reason babies, young children and the unborn child is because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner, and their relative size is smaller. This microwave radiation can lead to degeneration of the protective sheath that surrounds brain neurons.

Studies have shown that babies and children can absorb 2 to 10 times more microwave radiation than an adult will. The dangers from a cell phone are still present even if you are not talking on the phone but the phone is still on.

It is recommended that keeping the cell phone at least 15 cm (6 inches) away from your ear can provides a 10,000 fold reduction in the risk from microwave radiation.

Other Dangers

There are many types of concerns today about cell phones and laptops, but there are also other devices that we should all be aware of that can produce unhealthy amounts of radiation. This concern is called electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

EMR can be cause be any wireless device or anything that radiates electromagnetic radiation like power lines, cell phone towers, etc.

Preventing Problems

Children should be taught to use their cell phones as little as possible, keep them 6 inches (15 cm) away from their head. Another problem is a possible connection between cell phone radiation and breast cancer. So girls should be taught not to keep their cell phones in the bras, which seem to be popular.


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Posted on Mar 27, 2012
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