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Right Attitudes of a Researcher

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An essay regarding the different characteristic that build up a classy and responsible researcher. It also portrays an act of shedding what's right from what's wrong when it comes in the way a researcher faces life.

There are different contributing factors that are to be considered by the researcher to alleviate the impression tackled by his/her occurrence, some of which are: scale of understanding, financial immovability, educational attainment, social reception and last but not the least attitude. Physiologically speaking, attitude is a manner of expressing likes and dislikes towards a certain group of inhabitants, things or circumstances. It can also be described as something that is either optimistic or pessimistic. However if the systematic distinctiveness of attitude are to be discussed, It can be rearranged that attitude is a positive response leading to mass encroachment. But it can be clearly seen nowadays that practice of such isn’t prioritized by many, others failed to understand its importance and focused their attention more on improving their scholastic side. To avoid an impression of being discomfited and anxious, it is best to empower manner construction supervised, controlled, and monitored.

According to Dr. Sen Gutpa; scientific manipulation, respect for power of theoretical structure, persuasive skills, spoken communication skills, and honesty in admitting mistakes are some of the characteristics portrayed by a responsible researcher.

Scientific basis should be pragmatic in making an observation for it needs proper evaluation in the effects given by factors that might interfere with it. Laws unlike Postulates are made to be universal derivation, for almost all of the experiments conducted rely on their facts. Another thing is a researcher should be conspicuously considerate in the sense that he/she considers theory as a contributing factor in coming up with an assumption, also he/she believes that the appropriateness of a theory is in the end. Having a talent in persuasion is sometimes a great advantage in the part of a researcher for it entails the public’s attention towards the study. If he/she doesn’t do great in persuading other people, it may possibly be concluded that the study being made by the researchers wouldn’t be a success for it lacks people’s interests. Skills in communication are yet other traits that build up a fine researcher, for it enhances the researcher’s ability to be very vocal when it comes with his/her study. It also proves that you’re really well equipped with informations regarding your thesis. Loss of verbal confidence may lead to inappropriate loom from the people, thus again leading to lack of trust. Next on the list is admitting our mistakes, by just glimpsing on our human characteristics, appearance and individuality. We can say that no one’s perfect and everybody commits mistakes, which made it feasible for others to neglect such immunity. A researcher must also be open-minded in the sense that he/she must consider the validity of different hypothesis to avoid disturbances in the long run.

Deeper understanding, empathy, and teamwork are also some of the key-points in bringing up the best in a research study. As a researcher, having an extensive view on the preferred study may give you the exhilaration in making it, but then again we have to consider giving ample time in determining the 5W’s and 1H for it may provide us additional information regarding it for it’s a theoretical glance at the study. “The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy” (Streep, 1985). Putting ourselves in the situation of others, now that’s one characteristic a researcher should posses, for receiving acquaintance with this virtue may prevent us from doing terrible things such as plagiarism or breach of copyright. Last but not the least, Teamwork. It’s the most common characteristic being displayed in almost all fields of life for it doesn’t only foster a habit of focusing its attention on self improvement but it also encourages everyone to be a team and work as one, its impact on the researchers’ social-build would be so evident that it will not only give a harmonious effect on the collogues of the researcher but it will also boost his esteem in making a one of a kind outcome.

As researchers, It’s an important task to look after our attitude for they are the “shape shiftesr” of our career, they are the “basis” for a brighter future, they are the “glue” that binds us with our partners, they give us “limitations” daunting us in entering something we’re not ready in dealing with, they serve as our “passport” in the society, they’re our “identity” when faced with others, they are the “determinants” for a industrious means of existing and more importantly they’re God’s “gifts” that we should be thankful for. So let’s start being ourselves, acceptance isn’t an option it’s a must. Admit, know, learn, listen, feel, speak up, and let’s give prior respect. For “Attitude is yet a solitary word” (Alvarez, 2011)


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