Review of Pedigree Dog Food: Is It a Good Option for Your Dog?

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pedigree dog food

With a slogan of “really good for dogs,” Pedigree has attracted a lot of dog owners to try their dog food. Because the company offers wide range of food, wet and dry, as well as food for large breed and small breed dogs, dogs with weight issues, puppies and senior dogs, and many more, Pedigree has been able to accumulate a lot of customers because of their variety of offered foods. The company also offers treats and dog chews for pets. The company has also been able to gain popularity through their donations to adoption centers throughout the country.


With Pedigree dog food, the ingredients will differ depending on the type of food you buy. Wet food will have different ingredients than dry food, and puppy formula will be different than a senior dog formula. However, here are the most common ingredients used by Pedigree.

Many formulas include ground whole corn, meat and bone meal, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, rice, animal fat, vegetable oil, wheat flour, dried beet pulp, wheat mill run, and other ingredients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Zinc, Iron, and many others.

Ingredients such as ground whole corn, corn gluten meal, wheat flour, and others are all carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are important in a dog’s diet as they provide your pet with needed energy. This energy is usually readily accessed, unlike protein energy, which is usually stored. Other ingredients such as rice and wheat mill run are also carbohydrates. Vegetable oil and animal fat are both fats. Fats are important as they allow for a healthy skin and coat, as well as regulating body temperature.

Meat and bone meal, chicken by-product meal, and others are all proteins. Proteins are extremely important for dogs, especially those that are working dogs, as they provide energy to last throughout the day. Proteins are important if the dog’s diet is lacking in fats and/or carbohydrates.


Owners who use Pedigree enjoy the large range of formulas that they have to choose from. With puppy food to senior food, owners don’t have to switch from food to food in order to keep up with the age of their dog.

Some owners like the fact that Pedigree seems to be one of the few low cost foods that their dogs still enjoy. Owners point out that even the pickiest of dogs seem to love this food. Others like that Pedigree dog food seems to be a good cure for dogs with sensitive stomachs.


Many owners complain about numerous ingredients used by Pedigree. Most agree that many of the formulas, if not all, contain insufficient meat content. Owners know that meat is necessary in a canine diet, and look at the label and realize that there is no real meat product besides meat and bone meal. Meat and bone meal can be harmful to dogs, and the label never explains what kind of meat is being used.

Owners also complain about the amount of grain in the food. Pedigree uses corn, which is extremely hard for some dogs to digest. Veterinarians have proven that corn is a very common allergy and can cause infections throughout the body. Corn appears twice on the ingredient list, which is another cause for concern.

Most importantly, owners do not agree with the large use of by-products, preservatives, and additives in Pedigree dog food. The company uses preservatives to keep the food fresh, but also adds food dyes to make the food appealing to the eyes. Pedigree uses BHA and BHT, which some believe to be carcinogenic. These preservatives are banned from being used in human foods.

Price point

Pedigree dog food is one of the lowest cost dog foods that you will find in stores. Of course the price will differ depending upon the formula you choose to buy, but in general you will be paying $10 for an 8.8lb bag, $17 for a 20lb bag, and $26 for a 40lb bag.

Pedigree dog food coupons

Even though Pedigree offers a decently priced food per bag, the company does offer coupons for both wet and dry food. The best way to obtain a Pedigree dog food coupon is to go to the company’s website and search under offers and news. While it does require you to sign up, the company will continuously send coupons for you to use when purchasing their food.


Posted on Apr 11, 2011
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