Review of Dr. Oetker's Casa Di Mama Pizza

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How does Dr. Oetker Casa di Mama frozen pizza taste? What is a good thin crust frozen pizza? Is Casa di Mama pizza by Dr Oetker any good? What is a good thin crust pizza?

Pizza is a very popular food item world wide that originated in Italy. A person can make their own pizza or go to a pizzeria, or get take out pizza. Additionally there are many companies that make frozen pizza, all a person has to do is heat it and serve. Some of these frozen pizzas are poor quality they are said to taste worst than the box they come in. So let us taste Casa di Mama pizza as made by Dr. Oetker.

Recently my husband and I tried Dr. Oetker's Casa di Mama's Pizza. This is a thin crust pizza which normally we would not chose but it happened to be on sale so we gave it a shot. We bought one Deluxe and one Hawaiian pizza.

Cooking time for a 410g frozen pizza is 12-14 minutes at 480F, or 250C.

The pizza is unique in flavor, claiming a special tomato and sour cream sauce and a delicious blend of toppings for a real traditional pizza taste and experience.

What really stood out to us was the crust. One of the main reasons we have never cared for the thinner crust pizzas in the past is that their crust is usually too crispy with bland taste, but the taste of Casa di Mama's pizza crust was delicious, a little bit yeasty (yum) and very soft. I would honestly have to say this is the best crust I have ever tasted on a frozen store bought pizza.

The toppings were also good. The Hawaiian pizza had ham, pineapple, mixed cheeses, and parsley. The Deluxe pizza had pepperoni, red, yellow, and green, peppers, red onions, mushrooms and cheese.

Nutritional Value of the Deluxe Pizza for ¼ of the package

Calories 220

Cholesterol 15 mg

Sodium 620 mg

Vitamin A 2 % of daily value

Vitamin C 10 % of daily value

Calcium 10 % of daily value

Iron 15 % of daily value

Nutritional Value of the Hawaiian Pizza for ¼ of the package

Calories 210

Cholesterol 18 mg

Sodium 590 mg

Vitamin A 4 % of daily value

Vitamin C 16 % of daily value

Calcium 10 % of daily value

Iron 15 % of daily value.

Other Flavors of Dr. Oetker Casa di Mama Pizza:

  • Pepperoni
  • Four Cheese
  • Three Meat
  • Bacon

Dr Oetker is a Canadian food company, however their frozen pizzas are made at their plant in Germany. They do have other styles of pizza, this review was only in regards to the Casa di Mama pizzas.

I will note that the pizza did not look as good as it did on the box, but foods seldom do, none the less the taste was very good compared to many other frozen pizza products. The thumbnail image was taken of the left over pizza the following day, which was just as yummy.


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