Retirement Card Messages: Congratulatory Messages for Retirement

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Retirement Card Messages : Congratulatory Messages for Retirement! Generally, there are so many ideas on what to write on a retirement card. However, you should only write the most appropriate words and that sounds encouraging. In this article, you will f

Sending your encouraging retirement messages and wishes for someone who is about to retire is indeed a wonderful way to recognize strong commitment spent dedicated on the job. Actually, thinking of the perfect retirement wishes to write on a card can be a bit tricky.

First of all, you should be very careful with the words you are going to use. Basically, the most effective retirement wishes should show recognition of the accomplishments and as well as wishing the person for an awesome future retirement life. Read on to find a wonderful collection of retirement wishes and messages that you can use and write in retirement card. 

1 My warmest congratulation and best wishes for your retirement. I’m sure I’m gonna miss you. Working with you through several years is really my pleasure. Thank you very much for being a good co-worker and thus, you always set a good example for me. Thank you and happy retirement. God bless!

2 Congratulations and all the best on your retirement! Do you believe in saying that life starts at retirement? Well! I guess you should, because starting today, no loads of office works but full-time of rest and joy. Happy retirement and I know this is the perfect time for you to enjoy endless vacation. God bless!

3 Happy retirement and my warm wishes as you enter your new retirement life. Now it’s the perfect time to take pleasure on everything you have worked for so many years. Enjoy and God bless!

4 My warmest best wishes on your retirement plan! Enjoy it because you earned it. Thank you for becoming one of my friends at work. I will surely miss your company but I hope I can visit you at your home sometimes. God bless, I’m a little bit sad because I cannot see you more often but my heart is happy for you because this is going to be a perfect time for you to enjoy and have much time for your family. God bless!

5 My warmest wishes on your retirement. May you enjoy your long wonderful retirement life.

6 Congratulation on your retirement! You have finished great years of work and your retirement is now the perfect time for yourself. Give yourself a treat on your retirement. Yourself is now your own boss. You won your time now. God bless

7 All the best wishes for your retirement. May you enjoy your retirement more as you have enjoyed your working life and thus, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a good example to me. You are such a hardworking person, you simply inspired me in your own little ways. Thank you and good luck!

8 Congratulations on your retirement! Even your presence is no longer here with us, your attitude and character will always be with us. We will always remember how hardworking you are, how dedicated you are. You will always be our role-model when it comes in working hard.

Hope you find the perfect retirement card message from this collection of congratulatory messages for retirement. Choose now and you use these messages to express your wishes and greetings. 

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