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Freelance writers who need to make more money may want to try out Constant-Content and Text Broker.

As a freelance writer, you goal is to make more money with your writing.  Thanks to the Internet, there are many opportunities to do this.  The following is a quick review of two online sites for freelance writers that can help you to make more money:


Constant-Content is a site where many freelance writers find they can make more money with their writing.  Unlike many of the writing sites found online, Constant-Content allows you to set the prices on the articles you submit to them.  You can choose the price by which rights to the article you are selling.  For example, if you are selling Usage rights, the price may be lower, as this means that more than one individual can purchase and publish this article and your name will be on it as the author.   If you are selling Unique Rights, the price should be higher, as it means that the individual purchasing the article will be the only other individual that can publish it.  While your name stays on the article as the author, you will not be able to make any more money from this article.  The last rights you can sell is Full Rights.  When you sell an article for Full Rights, you basically become the ghostwriter and your name can be removed as the author and replaced with the buyer's information.  Because you are losing your rights to the article, the price you put under this category should be the highest amount. 

Constant-Content allows their clients to request specific articles to be written.   Writers can then submit their best work for consideration.  While the client will put down a price they are willing to pay for the article, authors still have the choice to price them as they see fit.  If they like your article and agree to the price, they will then purchase your article. 

The downside to the request system is that if someone requests an article, you may be one of twenty authors that submit an article for review.  If your article is not chosen, it is then put into the pool of articles available for someone else to purchase.  However, you do not have to worry about just writing for requests.  You can write about topics in your specialty and submit them to go into the pool.  Your article may sit on the site just one day before it is purchased or it could sit there for months. 

The best way to make money on this site is to submit articles that you choose the topic on, as well as write for the requests.  Many writers are earning well over $1,000 a month on this site and enjoy the fact that they have the freedom to set their prices.  I, myself, have had several months where I made an extra $400 or more and, for this reason, have been a contributing writer since 2006. 

Text Broker

Text Broker is another writing site that allows freelance writers to make more money.  While the pay on this site is considerably lower than other sites, there is rarely an occurence where no work is listed for the authors. 

When you first apply for a writing position, you will be asked to write a sample for them.   Your writing will be reviewed and, if chosen, your writing skills will be rated from two-stars to five-stars.  Two Stars will earn you .7 cents per word, Three Stars is 1 cent per word, Four Stars is at 1.4 cents per word, and Five Stars is 5 cents per word (As I am not there yet, I can not verify this).  To get a Five Star rating, you must consistently write articles that are free from any errors.

Generally, I write for Text Broker when my other work has slowed down.  However, even if I write just one or two articles a day for the site, I can easily make a couple of hundred dollars each month.  In fact, just two weeks ago, I was in between assignments and chose to dedicate my time to Text Broker for two days.  During this two day period, I was able to make $150. 

While you are always going to hear complaints from other freelance writers of low pay, if you need the money, these are the two sites to go to.  Each one will allow you to make more money. 


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