Repairing the Heated Leather Seats on 2008 Jeeps

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A description of problems with the heated leather seats on 2008 Jeeps

There are few things that are nicer than a nice heated leather seat on a cold day. Conversely it can be extremely frustrating to get into your vehicle on a cold day only to find that they are not working. If the heated seats on your 2008 Jeep quit working like they should, there may be a simple and easy repair that will have your rear end heated again in no time.

According to technicians at Jeep, the heated seat module on some 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Commanders may not have been configured correctly in the factory, causing them to quit functioning. Jeep Technical Service Bulletin #08-021-07 states that only Grand Cherokees and Commanders with a build date before July 20,2007 suffer from this particular problem. You can find the build date of your vehicle on the sticker on the inside of the driver side door along with the vehicle identification number and other information about the vehicle. A Technical Service Bulletin is an article released by the manufacturer to help technicians diagnose common problems with Jeeps. This information is available to any technician, not just Jeep authorized dealers, so if you need to bring your vehicle to a mechanic for this repair, you don't necessarily need to bring it back to the dealership.

To fix this problem you need to reconfigure the heated seat module to get it back in sync with the rest of the vehicle electronics. This sounds complicated, but it's actually pretty easy.To begin, move the right front seat as far back as it will go. You will next need to remove the key from the ignition. The reason for moving the seat back is that you need to disconnect and then reconnect the heated seat module. The module is located under that right front seat, with it all the way back it should be easily accessed. After you have reconnected the module, start the vehicle and turn on both the heated seats. This should bring all the electronics back into sync if that was the problem to begin with. If the repair was successful the front heated seat LEDs should come on and stay on. If the LEDs come on for two or three seconds then go back out this was not the source of your problem and further diagnosis will be necessary. At this point you should consider bringing your vehicle to a technician who has the necessary diagnostic equipment to properly diagnose what is causing the heated seats to fail. For more information on this repair, look for Jeep Technical Service Bulletin 08-021-07 dated August 2007.