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Ten Valuable Hopalong Cassidy Radio, TV & Movie Collectibles

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Valuable Hopalong Cassidy radio, television and movie collectibles include lobby cards, lunchboxes and thermoses, coloring outfits, Arvin radios, gun and holster sets, autographed William Boyd photos, Bond Bread signs, bicycles, store standees and merchan

Hopalong Cassidy is one of the most famous characters in western fiction history. Created by Illinois-born Clarence E. Mulford (1883-1956), Hopalong Cassidy made his first appearance in the 1907 novel Bar-20. Hoppy, as he was affectionately known, later made his way to television, radio and motion pictures, where he generated a vast array of licensed merchandise.

Here are ten valuable Hopalong Cassidy radio, television and movie collectibles that are sure to please Hoppy fans everywhere. Hopalong Cassidy rides again!

Hopalong Cassidy 1954 Lunchbox and Thermos

Hopalong Cassidy ran on television from 1949 to 1954, with William Boyd (1895-1972) in the title role. The 1954 Hopalong Cassidy lunchbox and thermos made by Aladdin Industries Inc. is legendary in the Hoppy field. One outstanding old store stock example in excellent/near mint condition sold at auction for $1,382.94.

Hopalong Cassidy 1954 lunchbox and thermos $1,382.94

Hopalong Cassidy 1950 Transogram Coloring Outfit

Highly respected Transogram made the Hopalong Cassidy Coloring Outfit in 1950. One example in unused/mint condition brought $172.50 at auction.

Hopalong Cassidy 1950 coloring outfit $172.50 

William Boyd Hopalong Cassidy Autographed Photo

William Boyd – all decked out in black and riding his horse Topper – played Hopalong Cassidy on television and in the movies. An official Melbourne Spurr of Hollywood 10x13-inch autographed Hoppy portrait sold at auction for $805. The inscription reads: "To Marie and your Wonderful Doctor. Good Luck - Hoppy."

William Boyd autographed Hoppy portrait $805

Hopalong Cassidy 1950s Reflective Decal

Dairylea produced a giveaway Hopalong Cassidy reflective safety decal in the early 1950s. Featuring an image of William Boyd, it reads: "Hoppy Says...Play It Safe." One example in fine condition sold at auction for $74.75.

Hopalong Cassidy 1949 Retailers Catalogue

In 1949 The Boys' Outfitter published a 32-page retail catalogue carrying an array of official Hopalong Cassidy licensed merchandise. One surviving example in very good condition fetched a top bid of $272.25 at auction.

Hopalong Cassidy 1949 official licensed merchandise catalogue $272.25 

Hopalong Cassidy 1950s Bond Bread Sign

Bond Bread and Hopalong Cassidy went together in the 1950s like Amos and Andy. An 11x14-inch cardboard Bond Bread Hoppy store sign in very fine condition sold at auction for $134.31.

Hopalong Cassidy 1950 Arvin Radio

Arvin produced the Hopalong Cassidy radio in 1950. One black variety example in very fine condition with its original worn box brought $400 at auction.

Hopalong Cassidy 1950 Arvin radio $400 

Hopalong Cassidy 1950s Official Gun and Holster Set

Hopalong Cassidy gun and holster sets are huge with collectors, as many of them did not survive the rigors of childhood. One example in very fine condition with its original box sold at auction for $1,544.56.

Hoppy 1950s toy gun and holster set $1,544.56 

Hopalong Cassidy Bicycles Retail Store Standee

Hopalong Cassidy even had an official bicycle back in the 1950s. A 15x20-inch cardboard store standee in very fine condition fetched a top bid of $575. Accompanying the piece was a free mat sheet for newspaper and advertising.

Hopalong Cassidy Bicycles 1950s store standee $575

Hopalong Cassidy Bar 20 1943 Lobby Card Set

William Boyd stars as Hopalong Cassidy in Bar 20 (1943), with Robert Mitchum, Andy Clyde and George Reeves in support. A complete set of eight theater lobby cards with original envelope in near mint condition sold at auction for $338.80.

Bar 20 1943 lobby card set in envelope $338.80

Hopalong Cassidy Credits & Top Image

  • All auction results and images courtesy Hake's Americana & Collectibles, York, Pennsylvania
  • Top image: Hopalong Cassidy Bicycles 1951 promotional kit with advertising sheets and celebrity photos $250


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