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Religious Holiday Crafts for Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah

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Christmas, Kwanzaa and Hanukkah are holidays and seasons celebrated throughout the year. To make your home holiday worthy, enjoy family-friendly crafts.

On snowy days or holidays off from school, parents and children need crafts to occupy their time. Religious holiday crafts also serve other useful purposes when the real thing can not suffice for reasons including allergies, money and the desire to be different. For each holiday, there are religious holiday crafts that are easy to make for kids and adults alike.


Poinsettias are a long-associated Christmas plant; however, for cat owners, they may not be the best window display as they are also poisonous to the four-legged creature. For the eternal poinsettia lover and for housebound children on snow days, Enchanted Learning offers an easy-to-make paper plate poinsettia.

To make your own poinsettias, gaiter paper plates, red, green and yellow construction paper, scissors, and glue or a stapler. Trace the child’s hand on the green and red construction paper, then cut out the hand prints. Glue the green hand prints, fingers outward, on the edge of the paper plate in a circular fashion. Overlapping the green circle, create an inner second circle in red handprints, still facing the fingers outward. The third circle should cover the center of the plate, overlap the second circle and continue to have outward facing fingers. The final step is to cut a small, yellow circle and clue or staple it to the center of the poinsettia. In no time, adults or children, and the cats will appreciate it too, the house has a one of a kind, holiday craft.


Creating Kwanzaa candle holders can be a simple, fun task, but is a two-day project, according to Making Friends. To begin the project, gather one yard of Kente Clothe, liquid starch, seven large baby food jars, three red candles, three green candles and one black candle, scissors and wax paper. Cut seven 14-inch circles of fabric and fully submerge them in the liquid starch. Once the fabric is fully saturated, remove it and squeeze out the extra liquid. Smooth the fabric over the wax paper then center the jar over the fabric. Pull the fabric up tightly around the jar, tucking the ends inside. Adjust the pleats as desired.

The jar must sit to dry over night, or throughout the day. Half way through the drying process, the jar should be turned over for even drying and to ensure the pleats stay as they were designed. After the drying process is complete using another candle or melting the bottom of the candles that were already prepared for will anchor them into the jars. Homemade Kwanzaa holiday crafts will give the Kwanzaa-decorated house a personal touch for the holidays.


Many children enjoy the Dreidel game during the Hanukkah season and making their own dreidels can be a simply holiday craft. Print an online template of a dreidel or use on provided by the child’s school. Many dreidel templates are available online. Color the template then glue to cardstock as an option to make the dreidel more stable during game play. Cut out the dreidel and fold the edges, gluing the edges together to hold the toy in place.

The Hebrew symbols typically placed on the four sides of the dreidel translate to nothing, all, half and put, which refer to how much of the pot the player may take or if he must put his earnings into the pot.

Wooden dreidels may also be found at local craft stores, painted and then played with.


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