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Receive the Blessings of Goddess Lakshmi Through Work and Worship

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Worship the Goddess Lakshmi and dispel the deficiency of money

The Goddess Lakshmi:

The Goddess Lakshmi represents wealth, prosperity, brightness, light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage. She symbolizes royal elegance, beauty, grace and charm. The Lakshmi worship is meant to protect the devotees from deficiency of money and also to give relief from sorrows arising from absence of money.

Physical description of Lakshmi:

The goddess Lakshmi is described as a beautiful looking lady having four arms.  She has a golden complexion (Hiranya varnam: just like gold).She is depicted either sitting or standing upon a lotus; Padme sthitam :sitting on a lotus; or .padma varnam: fair looking just like a lotus.

Symbolism of the Lotus:

The lotus symbolises purity and spiritual power. The lotus has roots in the mud. However, it does not allow mud to spoil its texture. Lotus always blossoms above the surface of water.

This is a depiction of spiritual perfection and authority. It also indicates rising above worldly impurities (rising above maya). In case of Gaja Lakshmi,  gaja meaning elephant), two elephants are shown on either side, offering flowers to her. The elephants symbolise royal power.

Lakshmi's attire & expressions:

Her attire is comprised of very fine garments. She is wearing precious jewels. She is continuously giving away silver and gold coins. (Suvarna Rajat Srajam: flowing of silver and gold.) This gesture is indicative of the prosperity bestowed by the Goddess Lakshmi.

Her expression is always quite pleasant, calm, poised and caring. This is quite interesting to note; the moment we humans give away even a trivial thing to someone, an expression of arrogance often dawns on our faces.

Vehicle of goddess Lakshmi:

An owl is considered as her traditional vehicle. This is also a perfect symbolism; just consider the nature and habits of an owl. This bird sleeps through the day and prowls through the night.  Likewise, the opportunities of making money arrive through dark times. Solet us persist through the despair and discouragement, it is certain that the money shall arrive.

Secondly,this means that the person who wants to make money must remain awake when others are sleeping.There might be opportunities which others are not able to see due to their lethargy.

Thirdly, an owl is able to clearly see through the dark.Thus, an owl can carry Lakshmi through dark areas. So, one need not be over-concerned about temporary failures; if their is sincerity and determined pursuit of the task in hand, the money shall arrive.

The Lakshmi Narayan concept:

The goddess Lakshmi is the consort of the Lord Vishnu. Now think from this perspective: Lord Vishnu represents actions, responsibilities, and the completion of tasks--essentially, performance.  So, if one is thorough in their performance, then Lord Vishnu shall bless this person. Now, the moment when Lord Vishnu arrives, the Goddess Lakshmi accompanies him.

This therefore means that if one just keeps on doing the stipulated tasks and assignments, the Goddess Lakshmi shall bless.

On a lighter side, if you invite a lady, she may have some hesitations to arrive at your residence alone.  However, if you invite the spouse of that lady, whom you know very well and request him to grace your home with his better half, he shall certainly arrive on the agreed date and time along with his wife. Same paradigm is applied to the Lakshmi Narayan episode.

Concept of Alakshmi:

The Alakshmi is considered as the elder sister of the goddess Lakshmi.

The qualities of this elder sister (Jyeshtha), or The Alakshmi are exactly opposite to the Lakshmi. Lethargy, laziness, unhygienic conditions, dirtiness are the conditions associated with the Alakshmi.  Goddess Lakshmi requires one condition to be fulfilled for her dwelling at any place. Her elder sister, Alakshmi shall not be allowed to stay there. So,unless Alakshmi has been expelled out of the house, Lakshmi shall not enter.The metaphor is interesting. As long as the lethargy is present, the Goddess Lakshmi shall not enter the house. So, one needs to first identify all those elements which constitute the Alakshmi. Move this out, and then the Lakshmi shall arrive on her own. No invitations needed.

Let us see it in a different way. If nothing is done, Alakshmi arrives. The beard grows by itself. The weeds in the lawn, the dirt in the house, the dust on the glass panels--these just arrive. No actions required for these. However, to keep the face, the lawn, the house and glass panels neat and clean does require a constant attention from the concerned people.

Thus, Alakshmi arrives on her own.To expel her requires dedicated efforts. Once dirty fumes are exhausted, the fresh air flows by itself. Similarly, if the Alakshmi is eliminated, the Lakshmi shall arrive by herself.

Retaining Lakshmi requires sincere efforts on a constant basis.

The Lakshmi Stotram & Shri Suktam:

The popular prayers for Lakshmi worship are Shri Lakshmi stotram and Shri Suktam . Both of them are Sanskrit verses.The former is having eight stanzas and hence it is known as the ashtak (having eight steps).

Shri Suktam is a very elaborate prayer for the Lakshmi.The main core comprises of fifteen stanzas full of devotion and symbolism.In this, the Lakshmi has been presented in a different paradigm.The concept of Alakshmi has been detailed here.

This is authored by two Rishis ( saints) Kardam and Chiklit.

Listen to Shri Suktam:

Introduction to Lakshmi Gayatri:

" Om Maha-lakshmi-scha Vidmahe Vishnu Patni-scha Dheemahi Tanno Lakshmi Prachodayat "

We know and worship the Goddess MahaLakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu. May the Lakshmi inspire & bless all of us.

Listen to Lakshmi Gayatri Mantra:

Worship :

As such, Lakshmi is worshiped daily on a routine basis.Thursday is the day of the week which is considered appropriate for the worship .However, special focus is given during the annual Diwali festival.This is normally in the month of Karthik{October-Nov}.

The Lakshmi puja is carried out on an Amavasya ( new moon) during the Diwali festival. This is the only Amavasya in the entire year which is considered auspicious to carry out Lakshmi worship.

How to worship

Images of Goddess Lakshmi for worship


The goddess Lakshmi is the consort of the Lord Vishnu. The goddess is worshipped so as to bless the devotee with wealth, assets and power.The Lakshmi gayatri mantra, Lakshmi stotram and Shri Suktam are certain powerful prayers in sanskrit for Lakshmi. Though Lakshmi is worshipped every day,Thursdays have special significance in the Lakshmi worship.  During annual Diwali festival, Lakshmi pujan is conducted on a new moon.  Completion of the assigned responsibilities and the tasks can also be a preferred method of Lakshmi worship.

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