Rebecca Herbst: Fashion Designer

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an article about Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst touches everyone's heart with her dramatic effects on television long time running drama, "General Hospital." As one of the show's veterans she has earned her fair share of awards and nights on the Hollywood town. When the glammed up superstar needs a glittering dress for a star-studded filled event, she does not call her stylist or the trendiest shop in the city of angels, she instead calls herself. Rebecca Herbst has an often unspoken about talent, she is a very skilled fashion designer and seamstress.

In an ever extravagant entertainment industry where one star needs sometimes  hundreds to pick out a simple dress, it is refreshing to know that not only does Rebecca Herbst choose her own evening gowns, she creates them and makes them on her own as well. On the show, her character is a full-time working nurse and mother of three small boys. Her wardrobe usually consists of scrubs or blue jeans. On the red carpet, however, Rebecca wants to shine like the brightest star she is,and saves her casual wardrobe for her dramatic day job. Most soap stars have a more luxorious wardrobe on the set than they do outside of their fantasy worlds, but Rebecca's Elizabeth is a rooted working character. Thus, making her stand out in a world of often unrealistic soap opera characters.

Rebecca Herbst is not a favorite to the fans, but she is also very close to her many costars. Rebecca is particularly close to Natalia Livingston. She even shared her fashion skills with this former co-star and close friend, by making a dress for her as well. Rebecca's dresses look like they came out of a couture fashion magazine.This talented actress could have a very successful career in the fashion world when her days of acting come to a close.

Her dramatic skills are always on full display, for even non-soap fans to admire. Her latest storyline involves the possible death of her very young son. She is on her A game in these scenes possibly going to earn her recognition and awards for her work and talent. Thus, she will need another beautiful creation for a beautiful night.

Rebecca Herbst will continue her role on "General Hospital. She is also a dedicated wife and mother to her ever-growing family. Though she has many roles, her role as a  fashion designer is an equally fascinating role.


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Posted on Mar 19, 2011
Posted on Mar 19, 2011