Raanana Living Guide: The Raanana Mikvah (Jewish Ritual Baths)

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There are two Mikvahs (Jewish ritual baths) in Raanana, Israel one in the Kiriat Sharet neighborhood and one on Herzel Street.


Men's and women's Mikvahs in Raanana

At each of the Raanana Mikvahs there is a men's section and a woman's section and they are kept completely separate with separate entrances and facilities. You don't have to fear running into members of the opposite sex on your way to the Mikvah. On the same property the Raanana Mikvahs also have a small Mikvah for purifying utensils, plates etc.


Cost of Raanana Mikvah visits

The use of the kitchenware Mikvah is free and you can perform the immersion yourself. The women's Mikvah costs 15 shekels for each visit but if you don't have the money you won't be looked down upon or turned away. Brides are charged 30 shekels as it is usually their first time and takes a little more attention and time. The men's mikvah is either free or costs 5 shekels depending on when you visit.


Raanana Mikvah open hours

The Raanana women's Mikvah open hours throughout the week are twenty minutes after candle lighting time and for approximately an hour and a half but the closing time is flexible depending on the amount of women on any given night. On Saturday nights the Raanana Mikvah opens a little later, an hour after Shabbat ends. The only night of the year when the Raanana Mikvah is closed in Erev Yom Kippur. There is no need to call ahead to book immersion in the Raanana Mikvahs although if you are a bride coming to immerse yourself in the Mikvah before your wedding you should let the Mikvah know so that they can keep one of the ritual baths for you and give you some special attention and explanations about the Mikvah experience.


Raanana Mikvah supplies

At both the Raanana Herzel Street and Kiriat Sharet Mikvahs you can use towels, shampoos, soap, brushes, nail scissors, nail files, make-up remover and whatever other supplies you may need to prepare for the ritual immersion in the Mikvah. These supplies are free of charge, however you may wish to do the preparations for the Mikvah at home and simply come ready for a quick shower and then straight to the Mikvah bath.


Raanana Mikvah Kiriat Sharet,

53 Perez Street, Raanana, Israel

09 7711046

The Raanana Mikvah in Kiriat Sharet is on the eastern corner of Raanana, you enter the Kiriat Sharet neighborhood where Weitzman Street meets Jerusalem Street. Once you have entered Kiriat Sharet at this junction, take your first right hand turn into Peretz Street. Raanana Mikvah in Kiriat Sharet is on Peretz Street next to the Synagogue on the left hand side of the road, you need to drive up a small lane next to the synagogue. Peretz Street is a one way street and there is parking outside the Mikvah.


The kiriat Sharet Mikvah in Raanana is smaller and older than the Herzal Street one but it is well kept and has been renovated several times. You will find all the same facilities here as you will in the Herzal Street Mikvah but on a smaller scale. There is also only one Balanit (the lady who oversees your immersion) on duty each night where as the Herzal Street Mikvah has several Balaniot. If you make the Kiriat Sharet Mikvah your regular Mikvah you will get to know the Balanit well and perhaps feel more comfortable being overlooked by a familiar face each month instead of a different Balanit each time. The Kiriat Sharet Mikvah in Raanana has a neighborhood feel to it as opposed to the Raanana Herzal Street Mikvah which is in the middle of town. The majority of religious women in Raanana use the Herzel Mikvah, so the Kiriat Sharet one is less crowded and more intimate if not as fancy.

The Raanana Kiriat Sharet Mikvah can be reached on bus number 1.

Kiriat Sharet is the same Raanana neighborhood where the only public religious boys high school, Roi Klien, is located.

Raanana Herzel Mikvah

5 Herzel Street, Raanana, Israel

09 7746765

For most women the Raanana Herzel Street Mikvah is the more convenient of the two Raanana Mikvahs as it is in the middle of Raanana just off of Ahuza Street, close to Yad Lebanim and Keren Hayasod Street. Herzel Street is on the same side of Ahuza Street as Yad Lebanim and is located in the second building on your left if you are coming from Ahuza.

Brides visiting a Raanana Mikvah

The Herzal Street Mikvah is the larger of the two Raanana Mikvahs and is probably better suited for brides visiting the Mikvah for the first time before their wedding, as there is a pleasant foyer area where your female friends and relatives can await you and perhaps even bring sweets, cakes and sing as you immerge from the private ritual bath.

The Raanana Herzal Mikvah is run very efficiently, it is clean and organized with many women passing through it's doors every night. This does make it less personal and there is always someone in front of you in the line and someone behind you. The facility is large, but serving the majority of Raanana religious women it can get crowded.

The Herzel Mikvah is in a relatively new building and is comfortable and esthetically decorated. You are more likely to find an English speaking Balanit in Herzal Street than in Kiriat Sharet.

There is plenty of parking behind the building and there is even a sauna on the premises. The Herzal Street Mikvah in Raanana can be reached on bus 29 and bus