Quick Games of Warhammer 40k

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A factoid version of the Games Workshop original 40k in a Flash. A campaign version of the Games Workshop hit Warhammer 40k.

Playing a game of Warhammer 40k is often fun, yet hardly a quick endeavor. Often a game of two 1850 armies can battle for hours at a time. It has been my experience that short games with only around 500 points or so can be nearly as much fun in a fraction of the time. The advantage of using a small army is found in specializing contingents of an otherwise larger army.

There are different options in playing short games with small armies. Such options are creating custom missions of the top of your head. These theme games can often be a lot of fun. They also are susceptible to being heavily tilted toward one player or another. This is often fun and interesting but can quickly get old as it is not all that fun to be the loosing side of a battle where winning is simply having someone left from an army vastly outnumbered.

Perhaps the best way to play quick small army games is by starting campaign armies with your friends. The idea has existed in many ways but the end result is some sort of rpg Warhammer 40k. Necromunda is an entire game designed to be rpg Warhammer 40k yet is centered around the imperium and humans. Another option presented by Games Workshop was the 40k in a flash game rules.

40k in a flash was designed with two ideas in mind. First, quick games with short turn over between matches. This often means playing an army once or twice in a weeks time often slightly expanding between games. The second idea of this short campaign is to encourage the building and painting of models. The the second task is really cool it is not necessary to a good time.

The rules of 40k in a flash have essentially been pulled down from the Games Workshop site. The rules are as follows:

Each army list will be no more than 500 points.

Each Army is limited to one choice from their force organization charts in HQ, Elite, Fast Attack, and Heavy.

Each Army must include one Troop choice and up to six.

No model is permitted to have more than 50 points in wargear. Armies which don’t use wargear are indeed advantaged.

No model can have more than three wounds.

No model can have better than a 3+ save (no 2+ saves.)

All models should follow What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG is a basic rule that models must show their actual equipment.)

All models must be painted Citadel minitures.

Each army list will start with two territories (limit each list to six or eight.)

Click here for the territory list.

Please check out all things Warhammer at Games Workshop; none of this is possible without their great games.

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