PureVPN vs Private Internet Access vs IPVanish vs NordVPN

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PureVPN has wide compatibility, so it will appeal to those with esoteric devices. Private Internet Access is perfect for payment anonymity with gift cards. IPVanish is for those who want many country options. NordVPN deletes chat logs openly so they will

Virtual private networks help to keep your information safe on the Internet. They can make sure that your network remains safe from hackers and outside of the prying eyes of government agencies, corporations, or anyone else. Different services do excel at different things, however. Here’s a comparison of each service based on their individual merits.



PureVPN works with Windows, Apple, Android, and iOS. It’s also compatible with more than 50 different routers, Smart Televisions, operating systems of other varieties, consoles for gaming, and other devices.


  • 7 Day Moneyback Guarantee-PureVPN guarantees that you get a full reimbursement if you decide to go back on the subscription with them as long as you do it before a week goes by first.
  • Constant Uptime-The site claims that it has 99.99% uptime, and reviews tend to support the fact that the site is fairly reliable when it comes to this.
  • 256-bit Data Encryption-The site uses a military level of encryption in order to keep your data secure. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to break into your connection using brute-force methods.
  • Unlimited Transfers and Switching-You can use the service as much as you want with the “All Package Plan.” You can also switch back and forth between servers as much as you want as well.

Private Internet Access


PIA is one of the most popular VPN sites online. They use Open VPN, which is a popular way to connect to their service. They have many features that are highly friendly towards those using Torrents or other file sharing options. There are plenty of servers and plenty of countries to tunnel into if you so desire here.


  • Torrent Proxy-All plans allow you to use a proxy with your Torrent service. This allows you to avoid using the full VPN when using your Torrent program. That way, if you want your browsing and other Internet traffic to be under one address, but you want your Torrent traffic to be under another, you can do this.
  • Pay with Gift Cards-You can actually pay for service through gift cards from places like Walmart or Target. One of the advantages of doing this is that it’s more anonymous since you can buy the gift cards with cash locally. This includes more than 100 companies total.
  • Multi-Gigabit-You get access to connections that can go as fast as several gigabytes per second once you subscribe.



IPVanish is famous enough to have been featured on Lifehacker, PC Advisor and even on the non-profit site the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


  • 60+ Countries supported-With over 500 servers spanning 60 countries, you have plenty of options for what you want to do through this service.
  • Zero Traffic Logs-The service claims that it doesn’t keep any logs of its traffic at all, though many sites do this, of course. IPVanish also says that they will “never log metadata about your session.”
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections-If you have multiple people who all want to use the service at the same time, you can do this with up to 5 devices all on the same subscription plan through the service.


 NordVPN is a solid VPN service that's full of extra deals and features such as using bitcoin or getting a free trial.


  • 30-Day Guarantee-You actually get a full month on NordVPN before you’re committed to whatever plan you bought. If you don’t like it before then, you can get a full refund.
  • Bitcoin-If you’re paranoid about what payment method you use, NordVPN does allow you to use Bitcoin so you can go with that if you’re comfortable using it.
  • Android and iOS App-There’s a convenient app for either operating system so you can get service from your phone or tablet.

Head to Head


PureVPN costs $5 per month if you pay for the whole year ahead of time.

The cheapest plan for Private Internet Access is $3.33 per month. It will cost slightly more if you use a gift card, however, due to the extra fees.

IPVanish goes for $6.49 per month when billed annually. This is a good rate overall, but definitely more pricey than PureVPN or PIA. On the other hand, they are definitely budget services, so they’re known for being less expensive.

NordVPN has its best offer at $5.75 per month when billed yearly. So, these services are all fairly close in price, within a few dollars each. However, it is true that IPVanish goes for twice the amount, nearly, as Private Internet Access when they’re best plans are compared.

Overall, this means that Private Internet Access is far and away the best for the price if that’s your main concern. This doesn’t take into account short-term deals, of course, such as the one that NordVPN sometimes has.


PureVPN doesn’t throttle your data connection like many of these other service plans. They also let you switch back and forth between servers as much as you want.

Private Internet Access explicitly allows file-sharing traffic on their servers, whereas PureVPN often bans it. This means if you want to use Torrents legally, Private Internet Access is often a better option than PureVPN.

IPVanish allows Torrenting explicitly as well, just like Private Internet Access. It also has comparable options like OpenVPN and unlimited server switching when you look at PureVPN and PIA. The 256 AES encryption is also there. One difference worth noting though, is that IPVanish seems to have more countries and servers total than a place like PIA.

NordVPN has that little tagline about P2P being allowed, so this indicates that really, only PureVPN frowns on that type of activity. It’s important to note that this could change at any time, however. That’s why it’s important to read privacy policies in the Terms of Service for sites frequently to see what sorts of changes they might make.

Overall, all the services claim to not log at all, thought NordVPN even says that they delete all chat support logs too. The best for private purchases appears to be PIA, because they actually allow you to use giftcards which is a highly anonymous way of purchasing anything. At least half the sites allow Bitcoin, and this is a continuing trend anyway.