Pulsatilla Nigricans: A Homeopathic Remedy

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Pulsatilla Nigricans is a wonderful homeopathic remedy that aids a multitude of issues, from labour pains and teething issues to backache and sciatica, food poisoning and cystitis to chilblains and mumps. It can work wonders on weepy children and is said

Pulsatilla Nigricans has a few more commonly known names, such as wind-flower, meadow anemone, pasque flower and anemone pratensis.  It was known to many as a medicine for ulcers and for inflammations relating to the eyes.  

Pulsatilla Nigricans’s family name is Ranunculeceae, and it is found in open fields in northern and centralEurope between May and September. 

Below is a list of issues Pulsatilla Nigricans can help but they are very specific, so a description of each symptom (where necessary) is included. If, for example, you have chicken pox but it is not accompanied with a cough, then Pulsatilla Nigricans may not be necessary in that particular case. 

General symptoms

The general symptoms for this particular remedy include anaemia, smelly breath, faintness in a warm room, dry mouth and lips, tongue often coated white/yellow, mouth can taste bad in morning, sweat being smelly on single parts of body, possibly one sided and/or worse at night.  Complaints can occur from or after the measles; becoming wet; your feet becoming wet.  Discharges can be bland, yellow and thick.  The person may dislike breads; hot food or drinks, fatty, rich food or even meat.  Glands are likely to be swollen.  Thirstlessness and pains on plains the person had lain on and the pain may wander.  Symptoms tend to be right-sided in this person and changeable.

This person will feel better after bathing; fresh air; movement; walking in fresh air; pressure; crying.  They will feel worse after getting cold; exposure to sun; fatty foods; getting wet feet; heat; stuffy rooms; wet weather and wind; twilight. 

Emotional symptoms 

Pulsatilla Nigricans people are affectionate and tend to be anxious at night or indoors.  They can be changeable or clingy and can suffer from complaints such as fright; shock; grief.  Depression can occur and will be worse before menstrual period; in a stuffy room; at twilight; suppression of grief.  It will improve from fresh air.  They people can be excitable, introverted, irritable, lonely, jealous, gentle, sensitive, shy, moody, tearful, fearful in the evening, whiny.  In babies and children they often desire to be carried.  

Complaints include:

Backache where pain is pressing and aching. This tends to be in the lower back or small of back.  Gentle exercise improves this, such as walking slowly.  This pain is worse for long periods of sitting or bending down.

Bedwetting – In children who normally do not wet the bed but when sick wet bed.

Breastfeeding problems – where the milk supply is over-abundant.  If general and emotional symptoms are met, this is especially useful for women with post-natal ‘weeps’.

Chicken pox – in this instance where the pox are accompanied with a cough and possibly a low fever.  In this case itching will be worse for heating.

Chilblains – when they are on feet; toes; hands and are inflamed; itching.

Common cold – where accompanied with nasal catarrh that is dirty; yellow; green; yellow-green; thick; smelly; bland; dry alternating with profuse; watery in the fresh air.  Sense of taste and smell will be lost.  Sneezing occurs in stuffy rooms.  Worse in stuffy rooms, better for fresh air.

Cough – where the cough is constant during evening/twilight; at night it is dry and loose in morning.  It is racking, irritating and exhausting and can occur in fits, violently.  This cough will disturb sleep.  Mucus will be of same colours mentioned for common cold and may be copious; sticky and difficult to bring up.  This cough may be accompanied by nausea; belching.  It will become worse for heat and better for fresh air.  Cough often after measles.

Cystitis – where there is a desire to pee that is ineffectual and frequent, and often very urgent.  Spasmodic pains.  Urine can be copious.  It will feel worse after peeing and is most often caused after getting cold and wet.

Diarrhoea – In children – Stools are changeable; greenish-yellow; watery; slimy. Worse after eating starchy or rich food; at night; after eating; getting overheated; being in a stuffy room.  This will feel better for fresh air.  It is most often caused by rich food of fruit.

Earache – in this instance, where the discharge is smelly; thick; yellow to yellow-green.  The ear will be red externally and feel blocked inside.  Pains will be pressing, with pressure outward; aching; stitching; throbbing and tearing.  Often accompanied by deafness, itching, noises in the ear.  This symptom can occur after a common old or measles and will be worse at night.

Exhaustion – when the exhaustion is nervous.  This will be worse for being in a stuffy room, heat of the sun, morning in bed or mental exertion.

Eye inflammation – where this occurs in babies.  Discharge will be purulent; thick; yellow; smelly.  The eyes will be aching; itching; burning; watering. Eyelids will itch in the evening.  Occurs most often with common cold symptoms.  Worse in warm rooms and at twilight/in evening. Better for fresh air and cold bathing.

Fever – where heat is burning; one sided and dry during evening.  Person feels better for uncovering.  Feels worse in afternoon, for heat, washing, in the evening, for a stuffy room.

Flatulence – When the belly/stomach is rumbling and gurgling and wind is smelly, or obstructed.  Feels better for passing wind.

Food poisoning – When caused by rotten meat or rotten fish.

Hayfever – where symptoms of common cold occur.

Headache – where the headache is nervous. Pain is throbbing; bruised; one-sided; in forehead; pressing; sore.  This type of headache is the result ice-cream; running; excitement.  It is worse after eating; for blowing nose; bending down; running; hot drinks; standing; being in a stuffy room or in heat.  It is better for fresh air; firm pressure; walking in fresh air; lying with head high.

Indigestion – where the stomach/belly feels empty and belches are bitter; tasting of food just eaten and/or bitter.  Pains are in the stomach and are pressing. Accompanied with heartburn.  Belly will rumble in the evening.  This will be worse at night and after eating rich, fatty foods.

Insomnia – where accompanied with anxious dreaming and restless sleep. Will be accompanied with sleepiness.  Waking will occur from cold; frequently.  This will be worse prior to midnight and is caused by an over-active mind and/or repeating thoughts.

Joint pain – where pain occurs in the bones; in joints; sore; pulling; wandering; bruised. Worse for heat, after common cold; beginning to move; wet weather; warmth of bed.  They will be better for fresh air; old compresses; gentle movement; walking.

Labour pains – where pains are irregular; weak; stop altogether; in the back; ineffectual.  This accompanies general symptoms.

Measles – When accompanied by cough and/or common cold and/or eye inflammation.  With weepiness and lack of thirst.

Mumps – Glands are swollen and painful, with pains spreading to breasts, ovaries or testicles.  Accompanied with fever and general/emotional symptoms for Pulsatilla Nigricans.

Nausea – When it is worse after drinking/eating; during the morning; during cough; for hot drinks.  Ice cream or rich foods will have caused this nausea.

Period problems – where period is late and painful. Bleeding will occur during day only and pains will be wandering; aching; dull.  Will feel better for doubling over and worse during/after the period.  Pain can be bad enough to cause person to cry out.

Sciatica – Where this is better for fresh air and worse when in a warm room.

Sore throat – when the throat is dry and the larynx is tickly; irritated. Pains can be stitching; raw; scraping.  Throat may feel as if there is dust in it and raw from coughing.  May choke when swallowing solids.

Styes – Where it is worse on the upper eyelid.

Teething – where it is painful in children and worse for warm foods/drinks or heat of warm bed. It will feel better for cold water and walking in fresh air.

Toothache – where the pain is pulling; stitching; gnawing.  This will be better for cold water; fresh air.  Heat; warmth of bed; stuffy rooms make it worse. Cause of this toothache will be teething.

Varicose veins – where veins are painful. Worse during pregnancy as a result of poor circulation.

Pulsatilla Nigricans is another wonderful remedy that is used for many issues and should be in most people’s first aid kits, especially if you have young children or are pregnant.  As with all these remedies, it is better to consult a professional homeopath who can, among other things, take any conventional medications into account.

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Source: The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro


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