Public Electric Vehicle ( EV) Charging Stations in London

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For owners of electric vehicles who live in London, there are around four hundred EV Charging Stations that they can use by way of joining either the London based Source London Scheme -

The national Polar Network  -

The national Pod Points scheme, presently found mainly in Tesco car parks - 

Or the international EV charge company, Charge Master -

However, for those who are not members of a national or international EV charge scheme, and are only visiting London or just driving through, these drivers have much less choice on offer. Of the eleven locations I have managed to find -  listed below - nine require payment for either charge and / or car parking and two locations are completely free.

The most commonly used charger types are the Elektrobays, pictured above. They have yellow, power leads which deliver 240 volts AC at 13 amps, compatible with most electric vehicles.

As there are new charging stations being installed in London almost on a daily basis, you can check for new locations by visiting - www.public-ev-charging-points



Three public EV charging stations situated at; 

Sainsbury's Car Park - 55 Bugsby Way - SE10 0QJ - 3 charging stations with both free parking and free charging.


Thirty public EV charging stations situated at;

The Westfield Shopping Centre, car park, Shepherd's Bush, W12 7SL - 30 charging stations for public use on several floors of the car park, usual parking fees apply.



Forty one public EV charging stations situated at; 

23, London Wall - EC2V 5DY - 1 charging station with free charge and £3 an hour car parking fee.

Baynard House Car Park, Queen Victoria Street - EC4V 4BY - 10 charging stations with free charge and £2.50 an hour car parking fee.

Minories Car Park, Mansell Street – E1 8LP – 10 charging stations with free charge and £2 an hour car parking fee

Tower Hill Car Park - EC3R 6DP - 10 charging stations with free charge and £2.50 an hour car parking fee.

West Smithfield Car Park - EC1A 8DY - 10 charging stations with free charge and £2 an hour car parking fee.



Nine public EV charging stations situated at; 

White's Row, Spitalfields - E1 7NF - 9 charging stations with free charge and a £2 an hour car parking fee.



One public EV charging station situated at; 

Putney Leisure Centre, Dryburgh Road, Putney - SW15 1BL - 1 charging station with both free parking and charging.



Twelve public EV charging stations situated at; 

Broadwick Car Park, DuFours Place - W1F 7SJ - 3 charging stations run by the local council with small fee charged.

Great College Street - SW1 1XX - 3 charging stations run by local council with small fee charged.

Town Hall Car Park, Horton Street, Kensington and Chelsea - W8 7NX - 6 charging stations. £1 for a three hour charge with three hours free car parking. 



I have it on very good authority that there are two London hotels and one Greater London hotel which all supply EV charging stations exclusively for the use of their patrons, although after having visited their websites I found no mention of this. Here are their details if you wish to enquire.

Marriott Heathrow / Windsor Hotel

Ditton Road, Langley, Berkshire.


Telephone – 01753 544 244

Not actually in London, but just a five minute drive from London Heathrow Airport.

London Hilton Hotel

22, Park Lane, Mayfair.


Telephone -  020 7493 8000. 

Lancaster London Hotel

Lancaster Terrace, Bayswater.

W2 2TY

Telephone – 020 7262 6737.

NOTE - Plug in electric vehicles are exempt from paying the London Congestion Charge, but you will have to register with the governmental website in order to be fully covered. - 

NOTE - Several electric car dealers have EV charging stations on their premises. In order to find where these are located, please refer to your appropriate electric vehicle website.

If anyone reading this knows of other London, public, EV charging stations or London hotels offering this service, please feel free to let me know by way of the comment field below.

                                                             Title image - Courtesy of frankh, wikimedia commons


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