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Psychological Aspect of Speech Delivery: Confidence, Sincerity, Respect, Alertness, Spontaneity

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Poise is that state of equanimity and balance which conserves mental, emotional, and physical energy. This is clearly shown by the speaker's calm overview of the whole speaking situation. Conversation and good public speaking require alertness in reacting
                       public speaking poise and confidence

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The psychological aspect of delivery involves the following:

Development of Poise

Poise is that state of equanimity and balance which conserves mental, emotional, and physical energy. This is clearly shown by the speaker's calm overview of the whole speaking situation.

Poise is best achieved by the speaker when his mind is free from tension and fear and when unavoidable distractions are minimized. On the other hand, it can be increased by a conscious control of the arms, hands, shoulders, feet, and other bodily movements during the process of thought communication, by strengthening your confidence in your ability to communicate ideas effectively, and, by concentrating on the subject and its communication to the audience. Strong concentration on your points of the topic will not only increase your poise but it will also reduce nervousness and will lead to proper coordination of thought and bodily movements.

Confidence of Self and Sincerity of Expression

These factors contribute to establishing good relationship with audience, creating goodwill among them, and winning audience's respect for the ability of the speaker to communicate ideas successfully. The more a speaker shows confidence in his ability and skill for effective public speaking, the more he will strengthen the audience's belief in his ideas. Strengthening confidence in the ability to communicate well leads to better organization of ideas, harmonious coordination of thought and bodily movements, and an increase of the powers of expression before an audience.

On the other hand, a speaker who speaks with straightforwardness and naturalness so that his statements truly represent his beliefs and real attitude toward his audience, will not only be readily acceptable to his audience but will also win for him their spontaneous response. The more sincere a speaker is in his manner of speaking, the more genial and cordial he will appear to his audience. For this reason, a speaker must try to cultivate a friendly manner expressive of his sincerity of expression so that his audience will readily accept him.

Respect for the Listening Group

This is a MUST for every speaker who desires to win the audience's appreciation of his abilities and potentialities. A speaker who shows respect for his audience will easily put his audience in a state of relaxation and will create a friendly atmosphere conducive to the development of a conversational exchange of ideas and information. Lack of respect for the listeners will lead to strained atmosphere where friendly and animated conversations cannot thrive.

Alertness and Spontaneity

Conversation and good public speaking require alertness in reacting to others. For this reason, a speaker should watch his audience closely and should be keenly aware of the changes in their facial expressions and bodily movements as signs of approval, disapproval, misunderstanding, doubt, and any other state of the mind which might have been induced by him. On this basis, a speaker must adjust his speech in order to meet the condition sensed in his audience.

On the other hand, spontaneity in speech may be created by thinking vividly and intensely at the moment of delivery. A demonstration of creative thinking during speech delivery will not only lead to spontaneity of expression but will also enhance and enrich thought expression. In other words, speak with feeling for an audience will readily believe you and react favorably to you if you intensely feel what you say and if you demonstrate your belief in what you say. This is emotional sincerity during the moment of delivery.

Since audience understanding of the speaker's ideas is a vital requisite of effective public speaking, only through a harmonious coordination of all the elements and factors of good delivery will the speaker be able to produce a most balanced and effective style and manner of thought expression.


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Roberta Baxter
Posted on May 13, 2011

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