Pros And Cons Of Using Teak For Making Wooden Furniture

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Teak is hailed as the “King of Woods” because it is by far the most durable among natural woods. It is so durable that it can withstand extreme weather conditions. This quality makes teak wood the most ideal material in making outdoor furniture, which has to be resistant to elements such as temperature and weather changes.

Because of its great natural durability and rarity, teak wood is considerably more expensive compared to other woods. Hence, teak furniture is more than just a furniture piece but is somewhat a status symbol and can be an heirloom item that can be passed down to future generations.

There are several designs or kinds of teak furniture, some of which are as follows:

1. Benches

One of the most common furniture made of teak are benches, they are commonly found in shopping districts and parks. These outdoor benches have to withstand the worse weather conditions. This makes teak a favorite material for making such kind of furniture.

2. Dining Sets and Tables

Teak is a very good material for making wooden dining chairs and tables; they are commonly used in patios, backyards, gardens, pool yards, sun rooms and deck areas. It is an excellent material for this kind of furniture because teak does not crack under the sun and is less vulnerable to outside elements such as rain and snow. Also, teak is cooler and lighter than iron and does not easily break or bend.

3. Umbrellas

Teak is also a popular choice for making the frames of large umbrellas such as market umbrellas and shade umbrellas because of its durability and weather-resistant characteristics. However, metals such as aluminum are generally more popular and way cheaper than teak for large umbrella frames.

4. Sun loungers

For recumbent seating furniture like chaise loungers, teak is popularly used because it is much durable and is suited well compared to most loungers made of plastic. Unlike metal sun loungers, the ones that are made of teak do not get hot under the sun. Teak wood sun loungers and seats are heavy so they oftentimes have 2 wheels or more for easy transport.

5. Adirondacks

Another kind of furniture, in which Teak is popularly used, is the Adirondack chairs or Muskoka chairs. Such chairs are comfortable and relaxing because of their contoured seats, high backs, and wide armrests.

Today, durable and elegant teak furniture can be obtained from high end or respectable furniture shops.