Pros and Cons of Home Defense Guns

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This article will clearly explain what the pros and cons are of having a home defense gun. There are many people who are interested in purchasing a home defense gun to protect their home but are unaware as to the many benefits and negatives that can come

People choose to purchase guns for many reasons.  Some enjoy hunting and the thrill that can come with being able to catch your own dinner.  Others like to go to shooting ranges and test their accuracy with handguns.  Still others purchase guns to protect themselves and their families from people who wish to do them harm.  More and more families today are beginning to purchase guns to protect their home from possible invaders.  They feel safer in their homes knowing that if an intruder were to come in, they would have the proper equipment to help protect themselves.  Like anything else, there can be many positives and negatives of purchasing a gun in order to protect your home.  Here are the pros and cons of home defense guns.

Pros of Home Defense Guns:

  • Having a gun in your home can help you to ward of a predator if they should enter your home unexpectedly.  If an intruder comes into your home and is armed, you are immediately at a disadvantage if you do not also have a weapon to protect yourself.  If they invade your home and are not armed, they might be more fearful of causing you or your family harm if they see that you have a home defense gun and might leave quickly without harming your loved ones.
  • Home defense guns are typically easy to use and can be learned quickly.  Home defense guns can usually be learned very quickly so that if you find yourself in a situation where you need one, you will be able to accurately shoot your attacker.
  • Home defense guns are a very reliable weapon.  Knives can dull or be difficult to use.  Pepper spray might only harm your attacker for a matter of seconds.  Guns can do a lot of damage with very little work.  Home defense guns are made to be able to protect you with very little effort so if you find yourself in harm’s way you will quickly be able to evade the situation in a matter of seconds.

Cons of Home Defense Guns:

  • Home defense guns can be used against you by an intruder.  While home defense guns are meant to protect you, an intruder can easily find it before you do or get it from your hands and use the gun against you in an attack.
  • Home defense guns can be dangerous to have around young children if they are not properly locked and stored.  If a gun is not properly locked, a young child can get a hold of the gun and accidentally shoot it and risk injuring themselves or others.
  • Home defense guns can malfunction.  Home defense guns need to be checked frequently and need to be properly taken care of or they can malfunction and not be effective against intruders.
  • Home defense guns can be costly depending on the type of gun that you choose to get and the permits that are required by your state.  Be sure to get the proper licensing required by your particular state or it can cost you a lot of money if you are fined.