Pros and Cons of Being a Workaholic

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If you devote your entire time for your work without leaving anything for taking rest or relaxation, you are a workaholic.By being a workaholic, you remain secluded, neglect everything including your family, get estranged from your spouse and even die be

Pros and Cons of being a Workaholic

If you enjoy working hard non-stop and find no time for any other activity except your work, then you are a workaholic. In a way, it is a kind of working style which is very unique but not preferred by many. However, many factors might have influenced you in turning into a workaholic such as the sheer pleasure that you may derive from your work and the monetary benefits that you may gain or the promotional avenues that you may have etc. Sometimes, during the hours of national crisis or national calamities such as a war, an earthquake, a tsunami or a hurricane, you are forced to work on war footing and become a workaholic until the crisis is over or the situation is defused. In the modern IT industries, you are simply forced to overwork until the given project is completed; thereby you are unwittingly turning into a workaholic.

If you are really a workaholic, then it is time to consider the pros and cons of it so as to decide whether it is advisable to remain so for ever or change your working style.


  • If you are a workaholic, your output of work measured in units of work is more than anybody.
  • Being a workaholic your average daily or monthly earnings are more. Hence, your bank balance is bound to increase and your road to becoming rich is at a short distance.
  • Being a workaholic, you become more skilled and experienced and capable of solving or tackling any difficult situation that may arise or you may come across in your work
  • Having worked more as a workaholic and having achieved a lot, you have a sense of pride for having built up a work culture of your own.


  • As a workaholic, you are an adept in your chosen field only and you have hardly any time left at your disposal to learn anything other than your work. Hence, you have to entirely rely upon others for solving any other problem other than your work. It is an irony, though you remain isolated as a workaholic you are forced to break your isolation and rely upon and mingle with others for solving other problems that arise in your life.
  • Being a workaholic, you try to do everything by yourself and you are never willing to delegate any part of your work. After all delegation of power and work is one of the best means of human resources management.
  • As a workaholic you are glued to your system or laptop and you do not have any time for relaxation or any other entertainment nor you freely mingle with your family members or entertain them. Hence, you always remain isolated from your spouse and other family members, thereby gradually getting estranged from them by losing their support, love and affection.  
  • As a workaholic you are always under mental stress.
  • Without any scope for relaxation of your mind or physique, your health gradually deteriorates accumulating everything on its way. Your life span is likely to get reduced because of your deteriorating health conditions.
  • Probably due to your ill-health, you may even die before your retirement. It is a pity that having been a workaholic during your service, neither you nor your family is going to enjoy the fruits of your retirement. At the most your spouse will get only a family pension and a few other fringe benefits after your death.
  • You are likely to fail in your personal relationship with your spouse, thereby she may get estranged from you and your marital life is bound to fail. Nor you will be a responsible and lovable father to your children. Your bank balance will not come to your rescue.

You have actually become a workaholic, just like a person has become an addict to liquor or drug. In other words you have become a workaholic having been addicted to your work. However, there is still scope for recovery and you can become a normal person provided you make conscious efforts in the right direction as follows:

  • As a workaholic, hitherto you have given the topmost priority for your work and almost neglected or degraded everything other than your work. Now you must give top priority for some other thing which you have hitherto neglected. For example, you may give top priority for your family especially your children and give a secondary status to your work. However you are not neglecting your work at the cost of your family. You are just giving top priority for your family.
  • If necessary, you may also have some counseling from an expert psychologist.
  • Try to reduce your work load gradually so that you can reduce your stress and tension caused by the overwork.
  • Please do not work overtime. Do your work only during the stipulated office hours, besides availing reasonable time breaks for your lunch, tea and relaxation etc.
  • Your work out put and the quality of your work must be what is actually expected from an average but an efficient worker.
  • Be aware that man is a social animal. Therefore, always feel free, mingle with others, build up your friends’ network and be an active member of it.

If you follow the above said guidelines, you will become  a normal human being very soon.


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