Proper Ways to Say Good Bye in Different Cultures Around the World

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Proper ways to say good bye

Originally I was write a good bye to all the factoidz people out there till October.  That article has been in review for over a day so I wanted to write something a little different.  The proper ways of saying good bye in many cultures.

I will start with the great USA: When telling someone good bye that's about all you have to say.  Bye, see you later, talk to you later, see you tomorrow, and the list goes on.  Although there is a proper way of saying good bye to a person you just meet like it was nice meeting you, good seeing you hope to talk to you again soon, or my favorite its been real meeting you I'll catch you later.  As Americans we are just not to formal with hellos and good byes yet they are the key point of communication in our society.

I will only hit five other countries Great Britan, Russia, China, Japan, and Mexico

Great Britain: Things like god be with ye and cheerio are said with a good firm hand shake.  Looking you right in the eye so that you get a feel of the other person.

Russia: Do svidanja yeah its hard to say but it is said at a distance but again looking each other in the eyes.  Contact is not mandatory but placing a hand on the other persons shoulder is a sign of respect.

China: Joi gin, Joi wooi, Wa ki liao it all depends on the dialect that you are useing.  Makeing a fist with the right hand and placeing it in the palm on the left hand, never close it over.  With a slight head bow never looking at the person you are saying goodbye to.  To look is a way of showing your distrust.

Japan:Sayonara, Itte kimasu, Itte irasshai,ltte rasshai, Itte mairimasu, Dewa mata, Jaa, mata atashita, Jaa, mata ashita aimashou, Dewa sono uchi ni

  Jaa nee,  Jaa mata, Bai bai,  Soreja, Soreja mata, Sainara, Hona sainara, Hona sainara, and Mata ai masho.  For a island counrty there are alot of diffrent ways of saying goodbye.  A goodbye should be acompanied by a bow with both hands open at your sides faceing towards you.

Mexico(Spanish): Adiós being the most common.  When saying good bye its good to give a little bit of space but do not get uncomfertable if your space is invaded.  The people of Mexico are very relaxed people and like there space but are very easy going.  When you say good bye say it in a tone that says I will see you later.   

It this world there are so many ways to say goodbye.  I could not begin to touch on every single one.  

I would like to thank everyone that has read a factoid by me.  I have tons more to write but I have not got much time.  This site has been by far the best for me to know that there are people out there that are interested in what I write but that might take the advice that I have to give.  I must focus on my family and the forthcoming of my baby boy.  I'm not saying that I will not be back to write but I will be gone for a while.  Some parting comments though.  Kids say the darnedest things: My S/O's son told me the other day that a hair but means you stink.  Lightning is the sun trying to ex-scape and thunder is mom sitting down some were.  Mom is not fat she just looks like she swallowed a Mellon. If cows go moo and dogs go woof then why don't birds go rahalabamb.  I'm afraid of the dark and the butt eating monster....  Like I said this has been fun look for me in about October.  Until then read what I have put down and tell me where you think I need to improve.  My first writing back will be in story form as I will go over the life story of a child to man named Randell Jefferson.  It will start with Randell at five years old and each entry will be up to a year of his life.  He was a very close friend of mine and I cannot wait to write his story.  Some more humor my s/o clicks at me when she is mad at me.  I can tell normally from down stairs I will ask her son " Wheres mommy?' he normally replies "I do not know but from the sound of it I'm going to be asleep before you"  He is the cutest kid.  Good luck everyone and again as always thank you see you guys in October.