Proper Attitude and Work Productivity

Updated March 9, 2010

Doctors have long known that attitude can affect physical health. A patient can contribute to her own recovery from illness by changing from a pessimistic to an optimistic outlook. The same approach works on the job, too. It’s been proven that positive attitude does produce personal power. It has helped a number of people.

In many job situations, proper attitude is at least as important as technical ability. Some employees may even have multiple business degrees or a Ph.D., but their attitude still prevents them from becoming effective employees. They refuse to complete tasks because they resent suggestions given by supervisors. They sometimes argue, “We didn’t do it this way at my last employer.” They criticize management decisions to subordinates. When they are with the superiors, they criticize the work of their subordinates. Because of their constant criticisms, they become a disruptive influence. This negative attitude overshadows the functional value of their department. They refuse to recognize failure on their part. Instead, they spend time looking for reasons to blame others. Many failures are direct results of negative responses to changes that maybe required of a new work environment. There is little doubt that, with a cooperative attitude, any career can prosper more.

Do you have a form of insecurity that causes you to resist change? Do you feel threatened by change and regard people who promote it as personal enemies? Control these feelings. Generate an attitude that welcomes change. An open mind will shape your responses and increase your chances of success.

Self- Expectancy

You may have noticed, in your relationship with others that most people respond to pretty much according to what you expect from them. This is called “self-fulfilling prophecy.” It says that a person’s level of performance is largely determined by the person’s understanding of what is expected from him or her.

This kind of correlation is even truer when that person is your self. Many of us fail simply because we expect failure. If our subconscious self-image is one of a loser, our actions automatically set up loss situations to help us satisfy our self image. Turn that around. Expect a lot from yourself.

A pessimist is defined as a person who, when opportunity knocks complains about the noise. To capitalize on opportunity, you must use all your capabilities. A job doesn’t have to be monotonous. You don’t have to settle for whatever happens to come along. Find out what you are, decide what you want to become, and develop an attitude to achieve it.

What kinds of things do you enjoy? What are you good at doing? Do they frequently happen on your job? If they don’t get busy and define a job that fits your talents and interests. Help your mind develop the positive attitude you need to get what you want.

Proper attitude will help you overcome the toughest problems you will face. Discipline your mind. Plant positive thoughts, take positive actions, have a positive attitude, surround yourself with positive people, then harvest positive results. Another day starts tomorrow. What can you lose by making a positive step once you get out of bed?