Product Review of Thermos "The Rock" Stainless Steel Hot/Cold Beverage Bottle

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Able to keep 1-litre of beverage hot or cold for up to 24-hours, the Thermos Brand "The Rock" stainless beverage bottle is worth the hype and the slightly higher price of competitor's lesser products. This is a rugged, heavy-duty beverage bottle designed


A Rugged Stainless Thermos Bottle Designed to Last

The Thermos brand "The Rock" beverage bottle is no ordinary beverage container. Stainless steel exterior and interior, you need not worry about the dangers of toxic release of chemicals of plastic interior-lined bottles into your beverage.

This over-sized and heavy-duty beverage bottle holds 1-litres (1.1 qt.) of your favorite beverage.

I have been using Thermos "The Rock" beverage bottle now since February 2012 and it has lived up to all its advertised features. My coffee remains so hot even after 10 or 12 hours, the last cup is still steaming and almost as hot as the first cup.

I especially like the rugged ergonomic handle with non-slip soft grip and convenient thumb support. This product just feels so 'right' when carried onto the job site.

thermos bottle product

The 1-litre capacity is useful for me, it provides enough beverage for four full servings unlike some smaller insulated bottles. This is no under-sized, under-rated product.

Thermos' "The Rock" stainless steel Beverage Bottle retails for around $30.00 from the manufacturer, slightly more at retailer outlets. It is worth the price for all the features it provides.

Differential Delimiters of THERMOS' "The ROCK" Stainless Steel Beverage Bottle

The plastic internal cup became un-stuck from the stainless outer shell after just a few weeks of normal usage, as shown in the image below.

It is obvious that the plastic inner cup is merely fitted into the outer stainless shell with a conservative squirt of insulating foam. The metal cup's smooth interior is inadequate for inner cup retention using just insulating foam as the sealant / adhesive.

I also noticed that the portioned foam that holds the cup and shell together does not fully mate to the full height of outer shell of the plastic cup. This too would reduce the surface area of adhesion, making separation more likely.

Additionally, this non-insulated region (comprising approximately the upper 1/3rd of the height of the cup) would represent a radiant heat-loss region, making the cup hot to handle when filled to the brim. I would have expected that the 'insulated cup' would be insulated to its entire height.

This delimiting factor aside, fixing the broken cup was easy. A few big globs of an adhesive product "SHOO GOO" permanently bonded the two together and I've had no problems since.

Thermos bottle with inner and outer cup seperated

Sharp Plastic Edges on Thermos "ROCK" Stainless Bottle

I have noted that there are two rather sharp corners, one on each side as shown these are sharper than they look in this image. These sharp pointed edges are not so noticeable when the bottle being carried empty, but when full and being carried the weight of 1-litre of beverage causes the sharp edges to abrade my hand, leaving a raw, sore spot.

This design flaw is easily fixable by rounding the edge with a fine rasp or medium sandpaper. This easily dismissible flaw in design suggests that the product was not thoroughly tested in real-world usage.

thermos bottle closeup showing sharp edges of upper handle

Summary of Thermos' Stainless "The Rock" Beverage Bottle

All factors considered, I still rate the THERMOS "The ROCK" bottle highly for it ability to keep beverages hot or cold, and for its capacity, ruggedness and comfortable handle design.


Posted on Apr 16, 2012
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Posted on Apr 15, 2012