Sonic Scrubber Review: How Well Does It Actually Clean?

Updated March 20, 2018

The Sonic Scrubber is a cleaning tool that can be used in your home or on your vehicle. It looks like a high powered toothbrush, but it is indeed a cleaning tool. It comes with one cleaning head and multiple other cleaning heads of various sizes can be purchased for it, as well as a stand to keep all the cleaning heads organized. There is one Sonic Scrubber that is specifically for the kitchen and household and one for the bathroom. However, I would think you could use either of them anywhere in your house. The cleaning head on the tool is very easy to twist off and on when attaching and using different size heads. The Sonic Scrubber is a multi-use tool because there are many different things you can use it to clean.


Sonic Scrubber

While experimenting with the tool I cleaned the grout between kitchen tiles, scuff marks on a wooden floor, the faucet on my bathroom sink, part of the bathtub, on the top of my oven to scrub off stuck on grease and underneath the burners where there was black caked on grease. The Sonic Scrubber oscillates with high speed and you can use it most effectively by moving it in a back and forth motion. It seems like it works more effectively when used with a cleaning solution or just warm water. It is very easy to operate and it actually comes with batteries!

It is ready to go as soon as you get it. To turn it on make sure the head is twisted on properly and secure and then just push the button up and it should turn on. It does make some noise, but it is not very loud. After using it to clean the grout in between the tiles in my kitchen there is clear evidence that it works and that it scrubs with a lot of force. As I was scrubbing the tile with the scrubber I could actually see the brown dirt being pulled off the grout when I wasn’t using water. When I poured water on the grout and scrubbed with the sonic scrubber I could see the water getting brown from the dirt it was pulling off the grout.

The Sonic Scrubber is incredibly easy to use. It has an ergonomic non-slip handle for gripping it while scrubbing. It works very well with cleaning solutions and it’s lightweight and portable. It can fit into hard to reach areas. It is a miracle worker multi-use cleaning tool. There are so many uses for it. Consider all of the following possible items you can use the Sonic Scrubber to scrub and clean:

• Stovetop

• Refrigerator

• Tile or grout

• Carpet

• Countertops

• Sinks

• Dishes

• Bathtubs

• Faucets

• Wood floors

• Car tire rims

• Stains on clothing

• Muddy shoes

• Automobiles

• Bikes / Motorcycles

• Golf clubs and other sports equipment

The Sonic Scrubber offers good value for the money. The single Sonic Scrubber comes with one scrubbing head, the body that the scrubber is attached to, batteries that are already in it and instructions. It costs only $12.99. You can also purchase different brushes or heads for the Sonic Scrubber which come in a four-pack for only $9.99. There are Sonic Scrubbies available too, which are large and small disposable pads to attach to the Scrubber. You can get a pack of 36 pads for only $5.99. A stand to hold all of the scrubbing brush heads and the scrubber itself is available for purchase as well; you can get a stand for $4.99. Sonic Scrubber offers three different types of scrubbers, one for the bathroom, one for kitchen / household and one as a pro detailer for auto / motorcycle / garage use.

There are several places where you can purchase a Sonic Scrubber. The following is a list of places where you can purchase the Sonic Scrubber:


• Rite Aid

• Kroger

• Smith's

• King Soopers

• Ace Hardware (select regions)


• Meijers

• Supervalu (select stores)

• Publix

• Jewel

• Bed Bath & Beyond (select stores)

• Ingles

• Gracious Home

• Hannaford Brothers 

* Advance Auto

• O'Reilly Auto Parts

If you would like more information on the Sonic Scrubber I would advise checking out their website and trying the product out for yourself. You may even be able to get it even cheaper at certain stores possibly. You can get the Sonic Scrubber bathroom and kitchen combo (which includes two Sonic Scrubbers with heads, two four-packs of additional various sized heads and two stands for them) for only $44.99 through the website. I am very pleased with the Sonic Scrubber I have and I'm sure I will make good use of it. Anything that makes cleaning faster and easier is awesome to me!