Presumptive Signs and Symptoms Of Pregnancy

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Don't just presume you are pregnant. Not because you feel something that are indicative of pregnancy, you are really pregnant. Go to your doctor immediately and have your self checked.

Soon after a couple tried to conceive, the woman would feel something different with her body which may be indicative of pregnancy. Because she suspects that she is pregnant, this may impel her to go to her doctor for her to be checked and be advised accordingly of her and the baby's health. Along with the symptoms she may have been feeling and her doctor's assessments early on at this stage of pregnancy, the following would be the presumptive signs and symptoms of pregnancy:

Amenorrhea. This is a medical term for missing a menstrual period. It can be one of the first clues of pregnancy that can happen at an early stage to doubt a woman that she is pregnant. However, there are other factors that can cause the absence or the delay of menstruation. Some of which are stress, chronic illness, anemia, and excessive exercise.

Morning sickness. Some women suffer nausea and vomiting as an effect of hormonal imbalances brought about by pregnancy. This is very common during the firsts weeks of pregnancy but may extend up to the 12th month to some. Morning sickness is an unreliable sign of pregnancy as it may be associated with indigestion, infection, emotional stress, and many others.

Frequent urination. This happens due to the pressure caused by the expanding uterus to the urinary bladder. It however subsides later on as the uterus rises up from the pelvic cavity but comes back again on the last month as the head of the fetus presses against the bladder. Still frequency in urination is not definitive sign of pregnancy as this can also be due to diabetes, tension, and urinary tract infection.

Breast changes. There is a sensation of weight, fullness, and mild tingling of the breast early on during pregnancy, yet not an accurate basis. The areola also becomes darker than normal, increased firmness and tenderness, and the veins become more visible due to the increased supply of blood.

Vaginal changes. Your doctor can be the one who observes this changes. There is a so-called Chadwick's sign wherein the vaginal walls turns into a deeper color which is more noticeable at the 6th week if associated with pregnancy, nevertheless, of a rapidly growing tumor in the area. Leukorrhea is observed changes in the vaginal wherein there is an increased discharge of vaginal mucus, white or slightly gray in color, and has a faint musty odor caused by hormonal changes. However, this is also present in vaginal infections.

Quickening or a feeling of life inside is symptomatic of pregnancy. But, this can just sometimes be thought to be gas.

Skin changes. Stria gravidarum and linea nigra are some of the skin changes that are common in pregnancy. Stria gravidarum is also known as stretch marks are very notable on the abdominal and the buttocks area, while line nigra is a black line that runs in the midline of the abdomen from the sternum to the symphysis pubis. These may be are probable sign if the woman has never been pregnant yet. After the 6th week of pregnancy, some dark-haired women may have a brone type facial coloration called “the mask of pregnancy” or chloasma.

Fatigue. This is one very common complaint of the pregnant woman on the first three months. But this may also be linked to anemia, infection, emotional stress, or some malignant disease.

Positive home test. They are very effective to confirm pregnancy if performed properly, however, these tests may not always be accurate as this can be an indication of H-mole or hydatidiform mole, an abnormal growth of the placenta early on during the pregnancy that develops into a mass.

Take note that these presumptive signs and symptoms are not necessarily the basis of being pregnant. These presumptions are very subjective which are also probably be some causes of certain conditions or diseases. Therefore, it is very important that the woman should further be assessed utilizing certain diagnostic examinations as requested by her doctor to confirm that there is really a life forming inside her. If you think you experience those things mentioned, it is very advisable that you see your doctor as soon as possible to know immediately if you are pregnant or just some underlying problems. Don't just presume.


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