Press Release Services Reviewed: PRWeb vs. 24/7 vs. eReleases

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PRWeb, 24/7 Release, and eReleases reviewed. Comparison of top press release services. PRWeb review and coupon. 24/7 Press Release review and coupon code. eReleases review and coupon code.

If you're launching a new business or looking to gain promotion for a new aspect of your business, one of your primary tools will be distribution through a press release service. A well-written press release can be distributed to thousands of news outlets, from small local papers to trade magazines on up to major news outlets like The New York Times and USA Today. Press releases are also picked up in the social media world via Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, and blogger journalists. You can get significant SEO exposure and value with a solid press release.

To best take advantage of your release, its key to first have a well-written and impactful article. It should highlight one salient news item, whether its a new product launch, a major award won, or a new milestone achieved. You can hire many services to help you write your release if needed.

The next step is to get your release submitted to a PR wire service. There are several to choose from, so I wanted to highlight a few options.


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