Pluralsight vs. Udemy vs. vs. CBT Nuggets: Online Course Comparison

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PluralSight is ideal for businesses that are smaller and that need a wide training regimen for employees. Udemy is a pay per course instead of subscription service and it has the most courses by far. Lynda gives you unlimited access to all courses during

Learning anything that you want online is getting simpler and easier by the minute. Here are some different sites, each with a different approach, and all that can help you learn what you want according to how you learn specifically. You can look at the side by side comparisons to see what will meet your needs the best when it comes to online learning opportunities.



You can choose to do learning for a business or for individuals through Pluralsight. There are two buttons for the purpose right on the main page.


  • 5000+ Course Library-There’s a truly prodigious number of courses available on Pluralsight for those who want to increase business-relevant skills especially
  • Choose Learning Paths-There’s also some recommendations for course order if you want to do a more long-term learning scheme. These are called “learning paths,” which makes it easy for businesses to support the skill enhancement of their employees. This includes the ability to start a path in the middle, and the ability to skip over material in the path that’s not needed.
  • Skill Measurement-The course includes ways to measure how individual’s skills have improved or not over the duration of the course. That way, it’s easy to tangibly measure what you’ve gotten out of the subscription.



Udemy uses a more crowdsourced approach to learning, which allows anyone who wants to become an instructor the ability to do so. Topics available range widely in terms of topics. There are the usual business, development, IT and software courses. But, you also have languages, music, academics, design, Health and Fitness, teacher training, marketing, design, and personal development. So, it really does lend itself well to strange topics you might want to learn. These courses also consist of taking videos one at a time.


  • More than 40,000 Courses-Chances are good that you’ll be able to find whatever course you want on Udemy, considering the sheer number of them available.
  • Make Money as an Instructor-If you’d rather teach than learn, you can do that at Udemy. This could even help pay for other courses you’re taking if you want.
  • $19 Promotion-When you go for your first course, you can get it for $19 instead of the price it’s at currently. This even applies to courses that are hundreds of dollars. This can be an effective way to see if you’re going to like a long series of high-level courses before you start taking number one out of ten or more, for example.


Lynda has more than 4000 courses available in areas such as web development, software development, design, business, and photography. This includes up to 1700 courses in photography.


  • Free Trial for 10 Days-You can try out Lynda for 10 days without paying anything, all by clicking on the yellow “Start My Free Trial” button right on the bottom part of the main page.
  • Unlimited Access-You can access any and all courses available while you have an active subscription through the site.
  • Offline Viewing-If you want, you can get a premium subscription and watch the videos offline. You can also download project files with a premium subscription.

CBT Nuggets


CBT Nuggets is primarily a learning course for IT professionals. The courses available include DevOps, Systems Administration, Network Administration, Programming, and Project Management. The courses page, accessible from the main page, also lets you choose by vendor if you want or trainer if you want instead of select IT paths only.


  • Savings on Multiple Employees-You save an extra $10 or so per employee for 2, and then ten cents per extra employee after that, going all the way up to 40 or more. You can get them all for free for one week so that the whole team can try it out.
  • Free Week-Your employees can all try the training for a full week. You can then make a determination about whether it will fit your needs properly.
  • Live Chat-If you click on where it says “Contact” in the upper right corner of the main site, you’ll see a drop-down menu. This will allow you to access the phone number, options for international customers, live chat, email support, and even forum and FAQ listings.

Head to Head


Pluralsight costs $300 per year when you choose the annual membership option. Otherwise, it’s $29 per month.

Courses on Udemy vary in price widely.For example, there are Machine Learning courses that go for $200. There are also basic music courses that are free, and music composition courses that go for $25.

The pricing on starts at $20 per month when you pay annually for a basic membership. It’s $25 otherwise. The premium is $35 per month and $30 if you pay annually.

CBT Nuggets charges $84 per month  for 1 person. If you have more than one


PluralSight includes courses for Illustrator, HTML-5, Python, Graphic Design, Vmware, and many others. There’s definitely a tech in business bent to the course selection. The courses mostly consist of videos and testing. The exact length of each video is available on each course section.

Udemy has a good site layout with easy to read review ratings and reviews under each course. The comments often give you a quick sense of what people think of that course so you can choose the one you want easily. There’s a huge number of courses and a large variety to boot.

New courses are added weekly to Lynda, which has an ever expanding library of courses. Your subscription gives you access to all of them, which is an advantage compared to Udemy, where you have to pay per course, and many courses cost as much as a month’s subscription on Lynda.

CBT Nugget gives you a free week, which is just under Lynda’s 10 days for a trial. It also has an extensive list of courses, all in the IT field. Just about any type of IT training you can think of will be available in the list somewhere on the courses page.