PhpBB How to Add Your Own Website Logo or Banner to Your PhpBB Forum Header when You Don't Have Access to the Image Sets

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Have you used one-click install from your webhost to install your phpbb forum, and now you need to change the logo to your own? Here is an easy way to brand your phpbb forum with your own website banner, by making use of simple html code you insert into
For a more in-depth look at how to do this, please refer to My PhpBB Forum.

After installing a phpBB forum on your website, you're in the clouds!  Yippeee, your forum is looking splendid and promising networking and socialising opportunities unfathomable by the imaginationless! 

But, as it sinks in and you get to know your forum, first thing you want to change, is the default logo in the upper left hand side corner on the forum header.  It's a PhpBB logo, and obviously you want to have your own logo there. 

Now, you may or may not want to change the entire template of your forum, to colors and styles that suit your own themes.   Or, you may just use the default template, currently it's usually ProSilver, but have your own logo or banner at the top. 

How to do this?  Well, I've searched online and found many people giving you all sorts of complicated instructions about image sets and whatnot.  This would not even work if you installed your phpbb forum with "one-click" install, provided by your webhost, because you don't have access to the files.  Can you still change the forum logo to your own?  


Before you change the images in your forum folders, you might try these simple steps to get your own logo or banner onto your forum, quick and easy.  

The example above is what we're going to do: 

1.  Create your own logo, as a .jpg file, in any image editor.  It need just be small, not even higher than 150 pixels.  However, you do not need to scale it perfectly, as you can scale it with html code later on.  UPLOAD THIS LOGO TO YOUR WEBSITE and remember the path.  For example, 

2.  Open your browser and go to your forum's website.  Log in under your Administrator account. 

3.  Once logged in, you will see a link at the bottom, "Administration Control Panel".  Log into that.  Now you should have your ACP page open. 

4.  Click on the STYLES tab.

5.  On the left hand side is a style component called "Templates".  Click on that.  You should now see your installed templates. 

6.  Click "Edit" next to the template that is currently installed on your forum.  You should then be able to select all that template's files with a dropdown box. 

7.  Choose in the dropdown box the file "overall_header.html".  An edit window should open showing all the code of the file. 

8.  About halfway into the code, you should see in brackets like < and >:

                div id="site-description"

                a href="{U_INDEX}" title="{L_INDEX}" id="logo"

Delete everything between that and the following shortly after it, which would of course also have html brackets < and >:

h1 {SITENAME} /h1

                 p {SITE_DESCRIPTION} /p

9.  Now, what you deleted, should be replaced with the normal image html code for your website banner you uploaded in step 1, for example:

img src="" height=150 (include html brackets < and >.)

10.  Click "Submit", and your "overall_header.html" file should be saved.  Open your forum in a new window, and you should now see it with your own logo at the top. 

Viola!  Your site is branded in your image. 

If this was at all unclear or you're not sure about anything, please refer to My PhpBB Forum for an illustrated guide.


Sibt-e-Hassan Raja
Posted on May 29, 2012
Guimo Pantuhan
Posted on May 25, 2012