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PetSmart and Petco are very similar in the products they offer and the pet services they offer at their many retail stores. Both companies also offer adoption services and never sell a pet. Chewy is an online pet supply store that carries more than 18,000


In 1986, PetSmart founders, Jim and Janice Dougherty had an idea about starting a pet superstore. After securing a venture capital loan, they opened two stores in Arizona called PetFood Warehouse. In 1989, they changed the name to PetSmart and had expanded to 12 stores. They went public in 1993 and trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol of PETM. Today they have over 1,232 retail stores in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

PetSmart Pet Products

PetSmart offers all types of products for all pets that include:

  • Dogs and cats: Food and health, dental care, flea and tick, dog food, rawhides, treats, vitamins and wellness, beds and blankets, training supplies, collars, harnesses, leashes, toys, stain removers, repellants, litter boxes, grooming supplies and pet memorials.
  • Fish: Feeders, food, plant and pond care, saltwater aquarium care, water quality testing, aquarium maintenance, heaters and thermometers, aquariums and stands and gravel and décor.
  • Birds: Food, grooming, health care, bird treats and treat holders, cages and stands, bowls and feeders, toys, perches and more.
  • Reptile: Health and wellness, food, water accessories, habitats, décor, heating and lighting, substrate and bedding, humidity and temperature controls, and filters and pumps.
  • Small animal products: Food, grooming care, hay, health and wellness, treats, cages, habitats and hutches, harnesses and travel carriers and toys and accessories.

PetSmart Services

In addition to all of their pet supplies, PetSmart also offers many pet services that include:

  • Grooming salon
  • Dog training classes
  • Pets Hotel boarding
  • Doggie Day Camp
  • Banfield Pet Hospital
  • Training tips

PetSmart Adoption Services

PetSmart never sells dogs or cats. Through their PetSmart charities, they save over 1,000 pets per day and to date; they have saved 7,178,628 animal lives. At PetSmart, customers can adopt dogs and cats.

PetSmart Customer Services

PetSmart states that if a customer buys online, the product will be available to be picked up at a local store within 1 hour or less. Customers can return a product to their local PetSmart store or via mail within 60 days of purchase for a refund minus the shipping costs. Customers need a valid receipt in order to return a product. PetSmart does not ship internationally outside of the United States except they do ship to military APO / FPO addresses.

PetSmart Customers Comments

Most PetSmart customer comments about their online store are positive. Other customer comments about a local retail store vary according to each individual store. Most of the complaints deal with certain groomers, but as usual with most internet comments, those with complaints take the time to comment far more than positive comments.

After years of owning dogs, my opinion of PetSmart is that their local store employees are very helpful and knowledgeable about all of their products.

PetSmart Coupons


In business for more than 50 years, Petco is a leading well known pet supply store. In addition to their great online store, they also have more than 1,470 retail stores throughout the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico.  

Petco Pet Supplies

Petco has a large selection of pet supplies for all types of pets including apparel for dogs and cats. Their local stores also offer pet grooming and live birds, reptiles and small animals for sale. You can shop for pet supplies by the following categories and subcategories:

  • Dogs: food, flea and tick, beds, collars, leashes, treats, grooming and bathing and carrying crates
  • Cats: food, flea and tick, litter boxes and furniture
  • Fish: aquarium filters, fish tanks, hoods and lighting and aquarium stands
  • Small Animal: bedding, food, cages and hutches
  • Ferret: litter, cages, toys and food
  • Reptiles: habitats, lighting, heating and food
  • Birds: cages, chicken coops, food and toys
  • Flea and Tick Products
  • Food Center

Petco local retail stores offer the following pet services:

Petco Charities and Pet Adoptions

The Petco Foundation helps national pet welfare programs continue to function. Since 1999, their organization has helped with pet adoptions, fund spay and neuter efforts and promote humane education. Several times throughout the year, Petco holds animal adoptions at their local stores.

The Petco website also has sections about your new pet and a Petfinder section that will help you select a new pet. You can also find pet care information and articles.

Petco Shipping Rates

Petco is currently offering free standard shipping with orders of $49 or more. Normal shipping rates are calculated by the weight of the order and the shipping destination. They offer the following shipping methods:

  • Freight
  • Standard
  • 2-Day
  • Next Day
  • USPS Standard and Priority mail to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories, APO.FPO and PO boxes.

Petco Return Policies

If you are not satisfied with your products, you can return them to a local Petco retail store or to within 60 days for a full refund. Returns without a receipt or after 60 days are eligible for a store credit only. They also have a 30 return policy for live animals and pet services.

Petco Customer Comments

Petco has good customer comment and reviews across the internet. In my experience with years of taking my dogs to Petco, their groomers have always been friendly, knowledgeable and great.


Chewy is a pet supply store that is owned and staffed by pet parents just like all of their customers. They have over 800 pet loving employees and carry more than 18,000 products for pets.

Chewy pet Products

Customers can search their pet product categories by type of animal or by brand. Their pet products include:

  • Dogs: Dry food, wet food, prescription food, treats, dental chews, biscuits, supplies, toys, health, supplements, cleaning, crates and gates and beds and mats.
  • Cats: All types of food, litter, litter boxes, litter accessories, cleaners and deodorizers, training supplies, flea and tick supplies and crates and carriers.
  • Fish: Tropical fish, goldfish, bottom feeders, marine fish, aquariums and aquarium accessories, water care, filters, health and wellness and cleaning supplies.
  • Birds: Wild birds, parakeets, canary, finch, lovebirds, cage and cage accessories, perches and toys and grooming accessories.
  • Small pets: Hamsters, gerbils, rabbit, guinea pig, bedding, habitats, grooming and health and harnesses.
  • Reptile: Turtle, frogs, lizard, hermit crabs, heating and lighting, habitats, cleaning and more.

Chewy carries over 500 pet products that you can choose from and their website makes it easy to find the brand of pet products you are looking for.

Chewy Customer Service and Policies

Chewy offers free shipping in the continental United States with orders over $49 and a flat rate shipping rate of $4.95 for orders under $49. At this time, Chewy only delivers their products within the continental United States. They have telephone help that is available 24/7.

They have a great return policy. If customers are not happy with their product, you can return it within 365 days as long as the product has not expired or has been used and is still in the original package. Customers need to call their customer service before returning a product in order to get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

Their website also contains helpful videos for pet owners like “What are the benefits of feeding my dog a grain free diet” and “How can I manage my dogs weight.”

Chewy offers an extra 5% to 10% discount on certain brands of dog food when you use their auto ship feature.

Chewy Customer Comments

Chewy is a Google Trusted store with a 5 star rating based on over 100,000 reviews. Customers are very happy with their service and products. They also have an excellent rating on with a 91% positive review rating with excellent customer comments. All customers seem pleased with their online store and wonderful and helpful customer service.


Allivet has been in business since 1992 and is a pet pharmacy that can provide customers with every type of medications and prescriptions for any type of pet and animal. Their pet pharmacy also includes hard to find medications and veterinary supplies. Allivet is a licensed pharmacy and their facilities and products are regularly inspected by state agencies of Florida. Their pharmacy has been awarded the Vet-VIPPS certification of approval by upholding the highest pharmacy standards.

Allivet Pet Products

Allivet carries more than 6,000 pet products to choose from for all types of animals that include:

  • Dogs and Cats: Calming, dental, food, dewormers, digestive, ear care, eye care, flea and tick, joint care, skin and allergy, supplements, prescriptions and vaccines.
  • Horse Care: Dewormers, digestive and ulcer, eye and ear care, horse fly control, hoof care, joints, horse liniments and poultices, supplements for horses, probiotics and horse vaccines.
  • Livestock: Antibiotics, dewormers, dairy supplies, fly control, prescriptions, probiotics, supplements, vaccines.
  • Farm and Ranch: Branding, identifications, instruments and milk processing.
  • Pet food for dogs and cats.
  • Pet Grooming: Brushes, dryers and foggers, grooming clippers, shampoos and conditioners, creams, medicated shampoos, sprays and wipes and stain and odor products.
  • Fish and bird antibiotics.

 Allivet Pet Medications

Allivet carries all types of over the counter and prescription medications for all animals including:

  • Allergy and antihistamines
  • Antibiotics
  • Anti cancer
  • Anti fungal
  • Anxiety and behavior
  • Arthritis and inflammation
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes and insulin
  • Digestive tract, liver and pancreas
  • Ear medications
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Eye medications
  • Flea and tick
  • Heartworm preventatives
  • Immune system
  • Sedatives
  • Skin irritations
  • Internal and external parasite
  • Syringes and needles
  • Thyroid and hormone
  • Urinary tract and kidney
  • Wound care

They carry 6,000 plus products guaranteed at the lowest prices.

Allivet Customer Perks

Allivet offers their customers numerous perks and discounts like a rewards program, autoship program and product videos. Allivet also offers free shipping on all orders over $49 in the continental United States. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and United States territories are based on weight of the order. Allivet is also a Google Trusted Store with a 4.5 rating.

How Allivet Prescriptions Works

Allivet is a licensed pharmacy and regularly inspected by state officials and has been awarded the Vet-VIPPS certification of approval by upholding the highest pharmacy standards.

Allivet offers four different ways for customers to order their pet prescriptions:

  • Have your vets contact Allivet with a valid prescription.
  • Mail in your prescription. Customers can mail in their pets original prescriptions.
  • Refill on file. If you have a refill on file, place your order online or via phone and Allivet will take care of it.
  • Let Allivet contact your vet. Just give your pet’s name and your vet’s information and Allivet will contact your vet for prescription authorization. products are backed by a team of professionals who are headed by their resident vet which ensures that you get personalized service. As part of this endeavor, they offer a Free "Ask a Vet service". There are no strings attached and you do not have to buy anything to avail this service. Pet Products offers all types if pet supplies for dogs, cats and horses in the following main categories:

  • Dog supplies
  • Cat supplies
  • Homeopathic pet supplies include anxiety help, urinary incontinence and skin care.
  • Horse supplies
  • Hygiene includes oral and aural products.
  • Flea and tick control Shipping Policies offers free shipping on all orders. Customers can also sign up for their pet care newsletter. Customer Comments

Many customers are happy with the products and service, while other customers are unhappy that the business is located in England and takes a long time for their orders to get to the United States, not to mention an added fee to the U.S.