Petplan vs. Healthy Paws vs. VPI Pet Insurance: Which Pet Insurance Company Is Best?

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Petplan has extensive options for customer support including a live chat option. Healthy Paws is a wise choice for those who expect to need large procedures since there’s no upper cap for claim limit with them. VPI has some of the most flexible and chea

Pet insurance is a fairly new innovation. But if you have a lot of pets and are expecting the possibility of paying for many costly medical procedure for your pets, getting this insurance can make a lot of sense. Here are a few different pet insurance companies including their strengths and weaknesses when compared against each other.


Petplan was founded by a couple in business school who received a $5000 vet bill and decided enough was enough. They focus primarily on dog and cat insurance. There’s a ticker on the site that shows you recent payouts the site has had for pet medical procedures and what the procedure was such as broken bones, fractured teeth and so on. You can call them at 1-866-467-3875.


  • Live Chat-There’s a red “live chat” button hanging down in the top right corner of the Petplan site. Once you click on that, you have to enter your email address and question, and then click on “Chat with us.” Then you’ll be transported right to an operator who can answer your question for you.
  • Norton and McAfee Secured-Petplan uses both McAfee and Norton with SSL certificates to make sure the site is always malware free and that it will keep your private info private.
  • $25 Referral Bonus -Those who sign up for a policy with Petplan for 30 days will qualify for the Refer-a-friend program where you get $25 for each friend you refer who gets a policy.
  • Pricing Customization-The online quote program lets you select your deductible, select your reimbursement, and enter exactly what kind of dog you have. You can get an instant quote this way that you can either buy or save.

Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws has some interesting options for mobile phone users who like dealing with insurance that way.You can contact them at 800-453-4054.


  • BBB Accredited-Healthy Paws gets an A- from the Better Business Bureau. This means that they are safe to use, and generally do well with customer complaints, even though they don’t get the top A+ rating.
  • Verified-Healthy Paws has verification through to make sure that the site stays safe to consumers.
  • Mobile App-Healthy Paws has a mobile app for iPhone or iPad. This lets you submit a claim right through your device. It will also give you real time claim status. The mobile app also lets you update your billing information, add photos of your pet to the account, submit claims from anywhere and check all policy and claim status info.
  • Get Discounts for Microchips-If you have a microchip in your pet, this can give you extra discounts.
  • Unlimited Claim Cap-Unlike with many other policies, Healthy Paws has no limit on claim costs. It can go as high as it needs to as long as fits under the plan.
  • Claims Processed Within 10 Days-This means you can get the money back into your hands quickly.

VPI Pet Insurance

VPI has a lot of information available on their site regarding pet insurance comparisons, which is useful.  You can call them at 1-888-899-4874.


  • Birds and Exotic Pets Coverage-Many pet insurance companies will largely only cover dogs and cats. This means that if you want to cover your pet Gila monster or some other exotic pet you’re out of luck. Fortunately, VPI can actually cover pets beyond just the standard cats and dogs.
  • Add Another Pet for 5% Savings-If you add more than one pet at a time you get savings on each new pet.
  • Norton Secured-VPI uses Norton to ensure the site is safe with its use of your information.
  • Flexible Pricing –There are a number of different plans with different options available for each plan, so it’s easy to get the exact custom plan that you want.
  • Pet Insurance Comparison-There’s an option right on the main site under “Compare pet insurance” that lets you check to see exactly what the pet insurance you’re getting is like when compared to other pet insurance companies. This makes it easy to go down the list and find which company is best at a variety of different categories including deductibles, monthly base premium, wellness deductibles, and so on.

Head to Head


Petplan uses a specific program within the site to give you quote estimates for your particular animal.  For a pure blooded golden retriever, a bronze plan with $10,000 coverage would cost around $28, with old plan going for around $33 per month. There are a number of discounts available including online discount of 5%, discounts for seeing eye dogs, and discounts for being in the medical profession.

A similar plan for a Golden Retriever born recently with standard 80% reimbursement and $250 annual deductible will cost around $39 per month at Healthy Paws. This makes it more expensive than Petplan, partly because of Petplan’s automatic  5% online discount.

VPI Pet Insurance has three plans, starting at “emergency,” which sots $10-$11 per month. This covers only accidents. Then there’s “Everyday care” which covers vaccinations, flea control and other sorts of regular pet care. This costs $18-$24 per month. Then there’s “Comprehensive” care which covers accidents, illnesses, and genetic problems. This ranges from $25 to $35 per month. Covering the standard Golden Retriever would cost around $27.45 for comprehensive. You could get the Medical Economical Plan for $21 or so. The max benefit is $14000 for the comprehensive plan.

Overall, VPI has the most flexible pricing by far, and it also has one of the more competitive rates for standard dogs.


Petplan has bronze, silver and gold plans. The gold plan covers up to $22000 of veterinary fees. It covers $500 for boarding kennel fees, advertising and reward fees, and loss from theft or straying. It covers $1000 for death from illness. Petplan also has live chat and solid customer service.

Healthy Paws doesn’t appear to have live chat like Petplan does, so you should sign up with Healthy Paws only if you like getting support over the phone. Healthy Paws does have an unlimited claim cap. This covers illnesses, accidents, genetic conditions and emergency care. Healthy Paws won’t cover pre-existing conditions though.

VPI doesn’t appear to have a live chat option either. They do have more flexibility when it comes to pricing however.

Overall, Petplan appears to have the best support options, and Healthy Paws has the best option for maximum payout since there’s actually no upper limit as long as the procedure is covered.