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Personal Reflections: Reasons For Leaving A Job

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Making the choice to leave a job may prove to be one of the most difficult decisions a person occasionally has to tackle. Change is never easy. And generally, when individuals do decide to leave their job, they are aiming to make a positive change, a life

Making the choice to leave a job may prove to be one of the most difficult decisions a person occasionally has to tackle. Change is never easy. And generally, when individuals do decide to leave their job, they are aiming to make a positive change, a life-changing positive change.

Opting for a change may be of varying personal reasons. It can connote that you have found a company that provides greener pastures and want to grab that opportunity; or it can also be an attempt to release yourself from an inconsiderate boss or simply trying to get out of a bad situation with the hopes of finding those verdant fields elsewhere.

If you are in the process of deciding whether to tender that resignation letter, I reckon that it is a good idea to sit, ponder, and evaluate the reasons why. A lot of people who become disappointed with the management rashly move to resign, simply to regret doing such. When considering whether or not to end the madness and quit your job, you want to be careful not to be a part of these statistics and possibly surrender a good career because of a capricious decision.

But do not get me wrong, I am not promoting that leaving a job is such a bad idea. Actually, there are a lot of good reasons why you should let go of your current post. When people have big changes in their lives, usually it entails leaving their current job. And more often than not, they are more than willing to leave their jobs to focus their attention to more important issues.

Here are some of the reasons why individuals decide to tender their resignation:

Raising children. A working parent knows how hard it is to juggle office duties and house responsibilities. A lot of parents are economically coerced to work. With that said, those who are on a better financial footing opts to leave their office work to concentrate on rearing their children. These are your lucky few who are in a position of choice.

Family obligations. This is a broad subject. Family obligations may come in different shapes and forms. It may signify a mother staying at home with her kids or a daughter who has to take care of her aging parents or a niece helping her sick relative to get back on her feet. Many individuals prefer to leave their chosen profession to address family matters. This can even be the primary reason why people leave their jobs. This raises the need for a flexible job. And to be honest, businesses and establishments that do not offer such usually lose employees.

Better offer. Do I need to expound on this topic? Who wouldn’t want a higher salary? Who wouldn’t want a prominent position? Who wouldn’t want a better opportunity? Enough said.

Changing locations. At some point in our lives, we need change, be it drastic or otherwise. And sometimes, that drastic change deems changing of scenery, changing of location. Some view it as a brand new start: new location, new house and a new job. Or it may also mean that the spouse needs to relocate because of his job. In this scenario, resignation is but needed.

Education. This is another common reason for one to quit his job. People go back to college due to different reasons, to pursue a lifelong dream (now that he is financially capable) or to get promoted (as a higher degree may be deemed necessary due to company requirements).

Other times, employees leave their current jobs simply to maintain their sanity or regain their health. There will always be cases that an escape from the corporate world (even if it meant going back to school) is a welcomed alternative.

Toxic working environment. If you dread the thought of going to work, feel like you are dragging yourself off to bed forcing your body to go to work, then you might be in a toxic working environment. Not to mention the feeling of getting sick almost everyday. You have tons of paper work. You keep trying your best though it seems that the only way to get this pile of paper off your desk is to create a bonfire. And your boss keeps on bringing in more paper work. And he has the nerve to leave the office earlier than you. In here, leaving your job is the only way to salvage what was left of your sanity.

Not challenging enough. A boss who micro-manage strips away any kind of challenge making work mundane and boring for an employee. Stats show that individuals who exercise a level of responsibility are indeed happier and satisfied.

Financial reasons. Being underpaid is never good. Though being underpaid with minimum benefits is worse. People look for greener pastures to build a strong foundation for their future.

Too much work to the point of being taken advantage of. It really stinks to be over worked, underpaid, and not appreciated. Employees who are treated in this manner have to resign.

There are a lot more reasons why an individual may call it ‘quits’. Oftentimes, it is triggered by an outside obligation. But there are also intrinsic reasons that are attached to the job itself. Whichever way, tendering a resignation letter is a major decision that needs a lot of consideration.


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