PaySpree vs. JVZoo vs. ClickBank: Online Selling Platforms Compared

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PaySpree is a good choice if you need to list many products at once since they get it down to 30 seconds per listing. JVZoo has drag and drop options for creating sales funnels, so they’ll work well if you want a simple approach to setting up your store

Getting started with selling your products online can be a bit intimidating at first. Fortunately, there are a number of services these days that can help you with this. Here are three of them set up side by side so you can see their relative merits.



PaySpree makes it easy to get started by having the option for signing up for their email right on the top of the main page. It works for both vendors and affiliates.


  • List a Product in under 30 Seconds-Having fast list times is important if you’re adding a lot of different products all at once because otherwise, you’re going to waste too much of your time on this function.
  • Multiple Payment Options-You can accept payments through not just PayPal, but also Skrill or Payza. That way, if there’s some issue when it comes to getting the money from a  client, you can just switch to one of the other options seamlessly.
  • Earn Commission-If you want to go the route of earning commission on PaySpree, they have rates as high as 100%
  • Integration with Autoresponder-You can automatically subscribe customers you have to an email list when they make a purchase. That way, you can continue to keep in contact with them and potentially keep them on as a customer even after just the one sale. This service works with most of the major autoresponder programs and scripts that are self-hosted.



JVZoo also allows you to either promote as an affiliate or sell directly. You can choose which you want right from the main screen by hitting either the yellow box for affiliate or the green box for selling.


  • Unique Payment Options-Besides PayPal, you can also choose Stripe or Merchant Accounts for handling sales. This includes
  • Integration-You can integrate JVZoo with many of your other seller tools seamlessly so that you don’t need to spend a lot of extra work trying to fix everything together.
  • Sales Funnel Generator-Drag and drop option allows you to create sales funnels that will really put up your conversions. This makes it much easier to organize everything without a lot of hassle.
  • Instant Paid Commissions-You can get paid commissions instantly on your PayPal account if you want to try marketing JZVoo products. This means it won’t be necessary to deal with third party tools. It also means that you don’t have to climb through hoops like what’s often required when you use something like Clickbank.


Clickbank has a wide number of products to promote for affiliates. For vendors, it has a number of features that can make life easier. This is one of the more famous sites and services online and it’s responsible for a lot of sales yearly.


  • Knowledge Base-If you click on “Marketplace” from the main screen, you will see a link for the Knowledge Base. This will give you information about affiliates and vendors including how commissions and other payments work.
  • Wide Base of Categories-Affiliates can choose between games, green products, education items, e-business and e-marketing, home and garden, languages and many other categories. These are also categories for where you can put your own products as a vendor.
  • Many Support Options-If you click on the “learn more” option on the front page, you can get access to various support features right from the main page. This includes a request for a refund or subscription cancellation. Just hit the blue button that says “Submit request” from this page. The “Get support” button allows you to check your order status and even get help if you’re having trouble with a particular download.
  • Trust Privacy-On the support page, you can click on the Trust privacy certification link in order to ease your mind about any Internet security concerns, since there are a lot of those going around these days.

Head to Head


For vendors, fees are up to $5 for free transactions. This can go up to $20 for $1 transactions, and up to $2 for $20 or over.

JZVoo charges around 40 cents per transaction for those that cost amounts such as $8. This is if you go through JZVoo. The charge through PayPal is around 57 cents which comes out to around a dollar per low-level transaction.

Costs on Clickbank in terms of fees is 7.5% plus a $1 transaction fee for vendors. Subscription fees can vary. Some people report having some trouble canceling ClickBank, but it can be done.


PaySpree has a bit of a negative reputation online for some reviewers such as those at WOT. Other reviewers just say that the negative reviews simply come from having a few lower quality “get rich quick” products they’re affiliated with, while their overall services can still work for some people. There’s a lot of automation and time-saving services available through PaySpree such as their autoresponder integration or their quick ability to list.

JVZoo offers instant sales notification which can go a long way to helping you figure out exactly what’s working and what isn’t. This option also allows you to react to sales instantly with whatever email or other promotional material you want, for example. It just makes your life easier in general. It also saves time and puts money into your hands faster, which you can then reinvest, starting the positive feedback loop that leads to real profits. The company also has refunds handled by the vendor, and not JVZoo directly. JVZoo offers a number of instant statistics and tracking options for your sales. You also have global tracking of cookies per vendor as well.

Clickbank has the distinction of being a major player online. In fact, PaySpree has often been an affiliate for ClickBank. It also has an A+ review rating from the Better Business Bureau for Boise, Idaho where its main headquarters are. This indicates a high level of resolution when it comes to customer complaints. You can also open a support ticket if you need additional help through ClickBank. This is possible through the link in the support section of the website.