Paul Walker, Jessica Alba & Scott Caan in Into the Blue (2005)

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Into the Blue (2009) stars Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan and Ashley Scott as young divers pursuing a fortune in sunken treasure from an old French pirate ship named the Zephyr. Josh Brolin plays a salvage captain and James Frain a vicious drug lo

Sony Pictures' Into the Blue sailed into movie theaters in September of 2005. It's a classic sunken treasure film, featuring a group of four young divers who get caught up in gold fever and the dangerous world of drug trafficking.

John Stockwell Directs Into the Blue

Matt Johnson wrote the screenplay, with John Stockwell (Under Cover, Blue Crush, Turistas) directing. Paul Haslinger provided the original music, with Shane Hurlbut as cinematographer, Nicolas De Toth and Dennis Virkler as film editors and Maia Javan as production designer.

Paul Walker (Jared), Jessica Alba (Sam), Scott Caan (Bryce) and Ashley Scott (Amanda) head the cast as the treasure hunting quartet. Also in the mix are Josh Brolin (Bates), James Frain (Reyes), Tyson Beckford (Primo), Dwayne Adway (Roy), Javon Frazer (Danny), Chris Taloa (Quinn), Peter R.V. Bowleg Jr. (Jake), Clifford McIntosh (Kash), Adam Collins (Raolo), Gill Montie (Big Dave) and Dan Ballard (Scuba Bob).

Into the Blue one sheet movie poster - Sony Pictures

Into the Blue Filmed in the Bahamas

Budgeted at $50 million, Into the Blue was primarily filmed in the Bahamas, with Florida and the Cayman Islands also used in the production. In order to secure a PG-13 rating, many of the film's more violent scenes were either cut or digitally altered.

Also edited was the movie's trailer, specifically Jessica Alba's micro bikini. It was determined that Jess' swimming attire was just a little too risque for the preview crowd, so the technical wizards added a little more cloth.

Into the Blue: Lost Treasure and Missing Cocaine 

As the storyline goes, hot young couple Jared and Samantha are living in the Bahamas, barely making ends meet. Jared is a dreamer and would-be treasure hunter, hoping to find a lost shipwreck and make the big score. Jared is at a distinct disadvantage, however, as his aging, decrepit boat is no match for other, more well-heeled treasure hunters and salvage operators, namely the sinister Bates.

When Jared and Sam are joined by New York City lawyer friend Bryce and his new gal pal Amanda just in from the States, the four go diving where they discover two wrecks. One is the long lost French pirate vessel Zephyr, which is still loaded with treasure, and the other is a submerged cargo plane full of neatly packaged bricks of cocaine.

Although it's agreed to leave the cocaine alone and secure the rights to salvage the Zephyr, the heavily-in-debt Bryce and girlfriend Amanda attempt to market some of the coke. That brings a vicious drug lord named Reyes into the game, who incidentally owns the dope sitting on the ocean floor, along with several other players who are not averse to murder in achieving their goals.

Paul Walker and Jessica Alba in Into The Blue - Sony Pictures

Into the Blue: Release and Reviews

Into the Blue opened in American movie theaters on September 30, 2005. On that same day, the movie also debuted in Brazil at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival.

"The opening scenes are deceptive. The Jessica Alba character seems to have wandered over from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, or maybe she thinks she's in a video. Then the plot kicks in and she gets a lot to do while still looking fine in a swimsuit. She also looks surprisingly sweet after the stripper she played in 'Sin City.' Scott Caan, like his old man, James Caan, does a good job of playing a persuasive jerk, and Paul Walker is intriguing in the way he has his standards but can be talked out of them. People actually change their minds during this movie; in most action films, they're issued with an identity in their first scene and limited by that identity for the rest of the movie," reported Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times (9/30/05).

"First and foremost, 'Into the Blue' is a movie filled with beautiful people. International male modeling sensation Tyson Beckford shows up as a drug lord's flunky, and he's maybe the fourth-hottest person on the screen. But even as the film achieves unprecedented success as a vehicle to showcase Jessica Alba's buttocks, it turns out to be a halfway decent thriller, too," offered Peter Hartlaub of the San Francisco Chronicle (9/30/05).

Into the Blue: Film Review & Analysis

Into the Blue gets a lot of air time on television these days, seemingly passed around from one cable channel to another. It's definitely worth a view, ably filling the screen as both an adventure movie and sunken treasure story.

Loosely inspired by 1977's The Deep, which stars Nick Nolte and Jacqueline Bisset as a young couple who stumble upon sunken riches along with a World War II shipment of morphine while diving in Bermuda, Into the Blue is a gorgeous film to watch. Most of the actors are hardbody types, looking as if they had just emerged from a three-month insanity workout. Foremost among them is a fit, trim and sexy Jessica Alba, who fills her itsy bitsy bikini like no other actress, effortlessly gliding through the wonders of the deep blue in said outfit.

The lush scenery only adds to the movie's delight, as does the brilliant underwater camera work. The story is above average, ably conveying the allure and attendant danger of treasure hunting. Throw in the sunken cargo plane resting nearby containing a fortune in cocaine and the badasses associated with it, and Into the Blue fills the bill as a top-notch thriller.

The four principals – Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan and Ashley Scott – all turn in excellent performances. Josh Brolin (he should have joined the principals at the gym prior to production) is also good as the scruffy Bates, who turns out to be the meanest SOB of them all. James Frain as Reyes, the British or Australian drug lord, also registers a hit on the screen's magnetometer, scoring a memorable scene where he informs Walker, Caan and Scott that they have harvested some of his cocaine from the ocean floor.

Into the Blue is the hip, 2005 version of The Deep. Paul Walker and Scott Caan call each other "bro," wrestle at the airport terminal like a pair of nine-year-olds, knock down the booze like there's no tomorrow and enjoy the fruits of their romantic labor with Ms. Alba and Ms. Scott, respectively. A wild music score only adds to the cool, featuring tunes by Ziggy Marley, Holly Palmer, Loque, D Bo, Guerilla Black, Jimmy Cliff and O S Xperience.

Treasure hunters will love this film. Where else can you work an old shipwreck in absolutely crystal clear waters? 

Into the Blue grossed $18,801,234 at the box office, placing #118 on the list of the top grossing movies of 2005. It produced one sequel: Into the Blue 2: The Reef (2009), starring Chris Carmack and Laura Vandervoort. But for the real deal, tune into the original Into the Blue. It's a real treasure – bro.

Jessica Alba as Sam in Into the Blue - Sony Pictures

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  • Into the Blue cast, l-r: Ashley Scott, Scott Caan, Paul Walker, Jessica Alba - Sony Pictures

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